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Why I'm not buying Christmas presents this year



Not buying Christmas presents might sound unreasonable, but choosing to do so will help me in many ways.

For the past few years, I've noticed that my allowance tends to deplete faster whenever December approaches. I also find myself counting down to my next pay as early as the beginning of the month.  

Could it be the hype towards Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Or is it the festive vibes leading to Christmas? 

I am starting to lean towards the latter, especially since I tend to come up with a long list of gifts to buy for everyone I know in the lead-up to my annual Christmas shopping frenzy. 

With Christmas around the corner, more shops are attracting shoppers with seasonal decorations on storefronts.

Honestly, I have never regarded Christmas shopping as an issue. After all, people have always told me that Christmas is about the spirit of giving.  

But when I started noticing how my expenses are slowly being used up for presents, and that I have no cash left for my meals or last minute emergency Grab rides, I decided to try something new. 

I am proud to declare that I will not be buying any Christmas gifts this year.  

Don't get me wrong – I am not being cheap or stingy. I just feel that cutting back on Christmas presents might help me stop spending unnecessarily.  

Here are three reasons why: 

1. I can finally stop wasting money on unwanted items  

The one thing I always struggle with is figuring out what people want as gifts. If I am lucky, my recipient may use my gift because I have managed to figure out what they need.  

However, the chances of people using my gifts become unlikely, especially if I am not extremely close to them.  

This tends to generate unused and unwanted items, which leads to a waste of money, resources and space.  

Instead of risking the chance of getting something that will end up being unused, I would rather save my money for something more meaningful.  

I hope to cut down on the number of shopping bags I carry this year.

2. The best festive gifts can be free 

What if I told you that we can still have fun and show appreciation to our loved ones without buying Christmas gifts? One way is to plan an outing with your friends to visit free festive events together.  

Some fun events include the Uncle Ringo Carnival – free admission for visitors! – and Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay. This is an excellent option for me because instead of spending money on physical gifts, I can have quality time together with my loved ones and still enjoy the spirit of Christmas. 

Check out the Uncle Ringo Carnival at Marina Bay from 20 December 2019 to 1 January 2020.

3.  Enough with the Christmas pressure  

My main weakness when it comes to Christmas is the pressure to get everyone something.  

By saying no to gifts, I will definitely save a lot of energy as I can finally stop worrying about how many people I can afford to buy presents for.  

The pressure to give the best presents can easily ruin the festive mood for me. Perhaps I can finally appreciate the holiday spirit this year without having to stress about shopping for Christmas. 

As much as we love our year-end sales, shopping is not the only thing that gives meaning to Christmas.

Although I might be celebrating Christmas differently this year, I think I will still enjoy it all the same. Christmas is not just about the presents we give or receive. We need to remind ourselves to cherish our loved ones too, and sometimes our love for them does not have to be given monetarily. 

I'm looking forward to trying this new approach to see how much I can actually save.  


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