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Review: Imagine Dragons Smoke + Mirrors Tour Live

Imagine Dragons


Upcoming Imagine Dragons Smoke + Mirrors Tour Live!

The Imagine Dragons on the Stage in Toronto, Canada

PHOTO: Imagine Dragons (Courtesy of Golden Village)

Did you miss the Imagine Dragons Smoke + Mirrors Live concert last year? Fret not! The concert would be hitting the big screens of Golden Village this Wednesday!

Youth.SG was recently invited to a media preview of Imagine Dragons Smoke + Mirrors Live. With not much expectation of how a concert movie would turn out, I went with an open mind. I was impressed, because the movie turned out to be extraordinary.

The concert is directed by Dick Carrunthers and is captured in front of 15,000 fans in Toronto, Canada. The movie is screened at an impressive resolution in GVmax, VivoCity, thanks to the Dolby Atmos format. Not only is the resolution good, but the angle that the concert was taken at was just perfect.

Apart from the visuals of the movie, the sound and music is incredible too!

Dan Reynolds, the Lead Singer
Photo: Dan Reynolds on Stage (Courtesy of Golden Village)

I would say the music quality that came out from the theatre speakers is amazing. With Dan Reynolds’ (Lead Singer) phenomenal voice and his wide vocal range, I felt like I was there at the concert itself. Also, the astounding band displayed the full extent of their phenomenal musicality.

At one point during the movie, when Dan Reynolds was singing one of their songs, he walked down the stage to touch his fans hands. From the way the movie was presented, it felt like I could almost touch Dan Reynolds’s hands if I reached out too!

Fans reaching out to Dan Reynolds on stage
Photo: Canadian fans reaching out to Dan Reynolds. (Courtesy of Golden Village)

The band members themselves said: “We put more blood, sweat and lasers into planning the Smoke + Mirrors Tour than any performance we've given to date, and it's something we'll always remember. This film captures that live energy in an incredibly immersive way. We can't wait to show it to fans all over the world who either want to re-live the experience we shared together or see it for the first time."
The number of songs in the set list was about 15, including favorites such as Demons, I Bet My Life and the Grammy Award-winning Radioactive. The band also performed other songs from their albums, such as Shots, Gold, Roots, Thief and Amsterdam.

Imagine Dragon's Guitarist on Stage
Photo: Imagine Dragons' guitarist  (Courtesy of Golden Village)

The Canadian audience at the concert was extremely enthusiastic about the band, and was singing their hearts out for each song that was performed. Even though I was the only one in the cinema during the preview, the atmosphere still felt electrifying. I can only imagine what it must be like when the hall is filled next Wednesday.
In all, one word to sum up my experience: mind-blowing!

Crowd of Canadian Fans
Photo: Fans at the Imagine Dragons Tour (Courtesy of Golden Village)

Imagine Dragons Smoke + Mirrors Live will be showing at GV Max, Vivo City for one night only on Mar 2. Get your tickets here.