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National Heritage Board Performance with #TYWS

Hi!   Hey Hello! 

Stop with the boring introduction Aunty SHIRLEY... (=.=)|||

Who are you calling Aunty? Hello~ I am only 18 this year... A fun size for your information!

I am really busy with my final year work these days so I have very little to update in this platform on time. If want to read my awesome post(s) or updates, feel free to check my own personal blog here.  If not, you may ask me questions regards to my school via *Promoting myself* 

Anyway,  just last Sunday, The Yamato Wind Symphony (A Symphony Band from ITE College West) was invited to perform in Bugis! (P/s: Due to some issues from the organizer's side, the location of the performance was changed to the open area besides Starbucks at Bugis Junction at the last minute and so was the time which was changed to 4:30pm - 5pm followed by 5:30pm - 6pm. )Don't be disappointed if you were not able to watch our performance! We will be performing in our upcoming Junior Band Combine Concert in this coming September! Must LIKE  our Facebook fan page for our most up- to - date highlights!  

The theme of the performance was "Swinging Sixties" as I have mentioned before in my few previous posts. T hus we have to wear like "the ah-go-gos" , we have bow ties or sexy skinny ties with our awesome cuteness of ourselves. *thick skinned me* So here is my OOTD for the performance:

Photo: OOTD on last Sunday for the performance with #TYWS photo taken by my awesome trombone player cum librarian siti hawa ^_^

I had my G200 white blouse and black pants.
Seriously, G200 you rocks! We were having outdoors' performance and yet I do not feel sweating or sticky but cooling  ~(^3^)~
Thanks Anson for giving me his suspenders as a gift and also Mr Joel , our music mentor for his bow tie! 
Thanks to #TYWS's librarian, my awesome trombone player, Siti Hawa for taking this photo of me. OMG! My legs really look slimmer! 

The performance was in the evening together with some of the musicians from Outram Secondary School.  Seriously,they are all so awesome! 

Here are some of the pictures taken with Mr Joel's DSLR. 
Photographer: Nikos Chia

Behind the scene photos:

All of us came early for a rehearsal again before show time! Try to spot the adorable ME!!!

Thanks God that there was Starbucks nearby the performing area! I slept late but woke up early on the performance day to do one of my final year project. I was so tired just like many others! *HUG HUG* Yamatos, our hard work had paid through! 

Now on standby position! It's show time babies!
Conductors of the day: Sir Iskandar & Sir Refat.

Songs that we played on that day:

I want you back (remix with) King of Pop
Latin Gold 
West Side Story
Big Fun In The Sun
Final Countdown

Do any of you misses this songs? 

Do drop us a message at our Facebook Page if you were at our performance too!
Otherwise, do tweet us with a hashtags #TYWS which stands for The Yamato Wind Symphony! 

Thanks anonymous for mentioning us in SG Band Confession!

With Loves,
Shirley Charlin

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