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Junior Band In Concert

Greetings to all! 


The Yamato Wind Symphony from ITE College West are hosting a Junior Band In Concert on the 14 September 2013, Saturday at 5pm! 

What so special about this event? I mean I can go to almost anywhere and listen to instrumental music you know...

It is a meaningful charity event as the proceeds will go to West Coast Student Service Center. It is a place where students, regardless of races, language or religion, to have a cozy environment where they can study, exchange study techniques or even helping their peers in their academics. Also on the other hand, social life skills.

More about the centre:

Their Vision:
The world-class support and care provider that promotes the well-being of its members. 

Their Mission:
The mission of providing caring and learning environment where student members can realize their potential and enhance their development through activities provided, facilities available and sessions designed to stimulate individual and collective growth.

Their aims is to champion members’ enrichment and experience at the centre through full involvement with some activities targeting at family participation. 

In order for the center to continue its current state, the Yamatos (that's what the musicians of the Yamato Wind Symphony are called ) together with the invited guest bands are proudly to bring you their upcoming performance - Junior Band In Concert to raise funds to help the centre to upgrade and have even more better environment for everyone to enjoy! 

So, how much are the tickets sold at?

The concert tickets are sold at $10 each (free seating).

Available through email orders to or just click here !
Kindly do state the following detail in the email:

  1. Your FULL NAME 
  2. Contact Number 
  3. Numbers of ticket(s) 
wait wait wait... buying concert tickets through email?

Yes! Don't worry your details are kept private and confidential only to Mr Jonathan. 

Your tickets may be collected at the door and payment using bank transfer. Thus, do have a screenshot of your payment as an evidence of your purchase of our concert ticket(s). Thanks You for your support!

For information about our event or/and about The Yamato Wind Symphony, do feel free to call our awesome and efficient staff- in- charge, Mr Jonathan Khoo at 6411 1098 during office hours! 

For further information, you may also would like to give The Yamato Wind Symphony a LIKE on our Facebook Page

Thanks everyone in advance and also for this shout out!

Shirley Charlin 

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