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Memories of Friendship

Hello! Miss me?

Omg not again.

My last week of school ended three weeks ago I do not have much time to blog or anything cos' I was very busy idling at home. heading out with friends and thinking about my unforeseen life that is coming ahead of me. Nevertheless, I am glad that I have met many amazing people who came into my life and indirectly taught me many things like " How to deal with haters" , " How to overcome my phobia" and most importantly gaining back my confidence

In between the really long hiatus, I had finally participated my very first concert performance- Junior Band In Concert( blog post ). The concert performance was held in ITE CW on the 14 September 2013. Everything went really well and my mummy came to watch the show! I really appreciated when my mummy attended my performance. This is the first time she did come for my performance. I cried. My mummy is the Heroine of my life. As I recalled the journey in ITE when I posted my first post about my mummy on my blog, I won a pair of tickets to the movie, Brave but I watched it with one of my friend. Why? Cos' my mama do not want to want to watch 3D movie. 

Despite the change of the environment and attitude that people of the newer generation had on ITE students, honestly speaking, after experiencing ITE life it was really awesome. I was never left alone at anytime. Negativity hardly flow in to my mind. I started to be most positive and all of the sudden I found myself back to being hyper and bubbly once more. Not just in school alone, during internship my term spent in my work place was splendid. I did apply what I have learnt in ITE and educate the walk in customers more about the problem(s) that they are facing with their laptops. Some customers came in with smiling faces but most aren't, but at least they left with smiling faces so it was not that bad after all. Call my crazy, I was glad that I got posted to customer officer. I had fun learning about grooming, make up and of cos communication. I know I can talk non stop but seriously I glad that my friends were able to tolerate my talkativeness. 

The last term in school was not as rushing as I have expected or should I say how my friends from other classes told me. I managed to get all of my solo assignments, projects and group projects done way before the timeline. Even if the deadline of submission was two days or lesser than when the work was given to us. Hmmmm impressive. *Tap on my shoulder.*

I affirmed to a large extend that my two years were fruitfully spent! Can't wait for a new term in polytechnic and of cos hoping to stay contact with my current friends too! 

Quote of the post:
"Some times you need to really experience it instead of just hearing about it and draw your own conclusion. -Shirley Charlin"

P/S: This could be my last post as an campus correspondence but nevertheless I will be participating in National Band Competition with the Yamato Wind Symphony Band from ITE CW in early July of this year. Any guest players who would like to join us, do feel free to email me @

With love,
Shirley Charlin

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