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Get ready with me :: Concert performance

Finally it is up on my Youtube Channel! 

I am enrolled to DMIT in Nanyang Polytechnic and pursuing a 3 Years diploma in Multimedia and Informcom. The course that I am studying right now, just for this year, they only accept 240 applicants (after the first week of school they opened two more classes which cater to the 40 students). As I was on my way to get my finger nails done with my girl friend, a few friends of mine spammed my whatsapp just to ask me to check if I got in to a poly. I DID! I enrolled to the FIRST CHOICE in my list. In other words, I GOT IN TO THE SCHOOL AND COURSE I WANTED!   

However, during the graduation ceremony held in the near end of May, my "friends" did not reserve any seats for me. Some of the guys did reserve a seat for me but then I chose to sit with my secondary school friends. Then I was being told that, some of them did not get any spot in the poly and even if some of them did, was not their desired choice. Some of them said that I was just plain lucky. I mean HEY I FARED WAYYY BETTER THAN YOU ! The last GPA i was fared was a GPA 3.462. Hello????! 

Even if it so, from the two years of experience. I have learnt that it is all about the attitude. The attitude to strive to achieve what you want despite all odds. No matter how stupid they think you are. Don't you dare get affected by them. Remember!!!