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December 2, 2015 is SEG Day!

One more day to SEG Day!


Nanyang Polytechnic's SEG Day falls on December 2, 2015 and these are what you will be expecting!

Hi Guys! 

Today is the first day of December and tomorow will be a fun- filling day for School of Engineering in NYP! IT IS SEG DAY! 

There's three segments cater for SEG day: Games, Performances and the Bazaar.


Firstly, there will be 5 interesting games: Floatacious, Yank-It, Blow-It, Nutstacker and Tilt-A-Cup.


By completing all these games, you will be entitled to ONE spin on the spinning wheel. Interesting prizes await you!! In this event, there will be a dunking tank whereby you attempt to make others wet by hitting the target, causing them to fall into a tank of water. HEHEHEHE... If you read this, good luck to you, remember to bring extra clothes to school tomorow. Don't tell you friends about this game. shhhh... Don't hint them to bring extra clothes too. shhhhh.. 


Secondly, Talent^2 (pronounced Talent Square) will be taking place in front of the south canteen. Participants will showcase their talents to try and achieve the grand prize! So do come support your fellow schoolmates and join us, this wednesday, 2nd Dec! GO GO SEG! WE HAVE TALENTS RESIDING IN SEG! 

The Bazaar
Lastly, quickly get hold on one of our coupons to redeem FREE popcorn, ice cream and candy floss at our carnival! Do not forget, there will be stalls selling various items on SEG Day!!


Want a souvenir to capture your fun moments at SEG day?? Come down to our badge making booth to get your very own DIY badge simply by following our very own SEG instagram account @nypseg!!! Keep your eyes peeled on the 2nd of December because there would be a day filled with fun and games at the school of engineering! We look forward to seeing you there!

SEG Club Members

With Love,

Shirley :)

Photo credits to SEG CLUB.

Written by Ong Soo Woon & Derell Lee Ming Tak and edited by Me.

Vetted by Geraldine.

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