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La Guitare , proudly present to you by Nanyang Polytechnic's Guitar Club.

Every Co-curricular Activities (CCAs) in school holds various kind of annual events, nonetheless, polytechnics. For the upcoming year 2016, Guitar Club from Nanyang Polytechnic is proud to present to you La Guitare

It is going to be one of the most heart-warming annual concert because generations of NYP guitar club will reunite and perform for everyone! Including your royal highness, me, will also be performing two of the few concert pieces! What are you waiting for?! Bookmark January 16, 2016 onto your calendar right now! 

Alamak? No calendar?!

Never mind. Bookmark inside your phone’s calendar!

No phone, how?

Write onto a piece of paper.

Write on paper, equals to kill trees.

Write on your body. Tattoo better. (^_^)Y Must remember January 16, 2016 (Saturday)! 3pm- 5pm!

1) How can we get our tickets? Are the tickets free?

Reserve your tickets from your friends now who are performing in the concert, or get them from the Student Affairs Office @ Block E, Level 4, Nanyang Polytechnic from 11 January onwards. And yes, to showcase our talents and make it more accessible, the tickets are complimentary! The only payment that we need are your support, cheers, and smiles!

2) Nanyang Polytechnic is so far from where I live but I really want to go to the concert. Can I get it on that day itself? Pleaseeeeee.

Tickets are reserved for participants’ families first and the tickets come on a first-come first-serve basis. They will be grabbed up like hotcakes. Do get it fast!

Contact us at

3) What does La Guitare means? And who came out with the name?

La Guitare is a name which represents our guitar club and had been passed down from generations.

4) What is the theme of this upcoming concert and who came out with it?

The theme is "A Place to Call Home". A very heart-warming concert where the current batch of guitarists get together to perform as one BIG family. Furthermore, in this coming concert, we are actually collaborating with the guitar club from Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)!

5) What are the songs, can the audience expect from NYP GC?

Audience can expect songs that are surely to cater to the old and young alike, with some that will remind you of what home is like, but at the end of the day, it will all tie up to the concept of home, family, and what happiness really means.

6) Where is the concert held in?

At P1 Convention Center. The new building located just inside of NYP! 

History of Nanyang Polytechnic Guitar Club

Established in 1994, the Nanyang Polytechnic Guitar Club is one of the oldest clubs in NYP. Today, we have more than 70 members in the club, consisting of 23 seniors and about 50 junior members. At Guitar Club, we believe every member is just as important and everyone has a part to play. As such, we welcome anyone regardless of skill and knowledge and ensure that everyone is satisfied be it whether you are learning anew or showcasing your existing skills.

The guitar ensemble consists of three sections - rhythm, melody and base sections. Though we are mainly a classical guitar ensemble, opportunities are given to members to showcase their skills on acoustic and electric guitars as well.

Under the guidance of our instructor Mr Gaspar, our ensemble also seeks to experiment with a wide variety of genres. Our annual concert La Guitare in 2013 had Japanese anime as its theme. The concert surprised and entertained audience with musical pieces from Ponyo, Howl’s Moving Castle and the video game Mario Brothers.  

Meeting / Practice Sessions:

Day: Tuesday (Senior’s Practice)
        Thursdays (Junior’s Practice)

Time: 7 pm - 9 pm

Location: Block E Level 3

NYP Guitar Club's NYP GuitarClub Facebook & Instagram

Hope to see you on Jan 16, 2016! 

With Love,