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The Sign of Friendship

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I hope everyone is surviving their common tests week! #IDontHaveCommonTestAtAll

Even having said so, I still have a pile of assignments and homework waiting for me to complete just because the diploma course that I am enrolled in does not have common tests. *evil smirk* My most favourite after- school project up to date will be Solve for Tomorrow, organised by Samsung. Thanks to a friend of mine who recommended me to the lecturer who was then looking for potential students to participate in this competition.

The "Solve for Tomorrow" competition’s objective is to create an innovative prototype that can help to solve current and/or future issues. The winning team will stand to win a trip to korea and prize money of SGD$10,000.

Once again, thanks to her, I got a chance to work with my reliable and creative friends whom I super enjoyed working with. With teamwork, we produced the short clip within a week. Of course, thanks to the great efficiency my friends have. The title of our submission video was- The Sign Of Friendship.

"The language of friendship is not words but meanings.

-Henry David Thoreau".

The storyboard was produced by my team and I. This was inspired by our own personal experience in which we have family members who have difficulties when it comes to interacting with people.  For me, I have a brother who was diagnosed with Dyslexia at a young age. He enrolls in a regular school like me, also does well and made his teachers proud. My brother is also a great role model in his school.

The competition video was not about slow learning. Is about the beauty of sign language.

Everyone has a friend who is very talkative and how you hope that you could do something to zip his/her mouth up. And then, there will be times, when you hope you could be as talkative as a chatter box. Reflect and think about this paragraph that you had just read. You are blessed with a voice that you can use to communicate and (be realistic) curse and interact with your peers. What about those are not as blessed as you are?

Do you know that?

Around five in 1,000 babies - or 0.05 per cent of the population - are born with hearing loss each year.

The Singapore School for the Deaf has only 11 students now, as parents of deaf children who have undergone speech therapy prefer to enrol them in mainstream schools.

The school stopped accepting new students in 2010 and is likely to close in 2016, when its current students graduate.

SADeaf noted that sign language is often perceived as inferior to spoken language or not a real language, which puts some parents off.

Others, the spokesman said, have a misconception that learning sign language would result in their children not picking up speech at all.

-Extract from here.

There is not many people who can sign nor is there a lot who can teach how to sign. We came out with this story as we introduce our prototype. A real-live sign language translator. We know that there is a lot of signing application available in the market. They are not as accurate as a real- time translator.

Background story:

An application which a group of girls (Nadiah and Shirley) had used during their project discussion to communicate with a group mate, Sahidha who is not as blessed as them. She was not able to speak since birth. In every discussion, they learnt a little sign language, and applied what they have learnt to communicate with her.Hence, there grew a mutual relationship among the three girls. They became friends. This is the prototype we wanted to create to bring people around us closer. The application is not only a software programme. It’s a platform to learn more, know more and apply more knowledge into the realistic world. Also, to help each other.

I hope you have enjoyed the video done by me and my friends. I always end my post with a quote of the post over at my personal blog. Here is one quote from :

Quote for this post:

“knowledge without application is like a book that is never read'

-Christopher Crawford, Hemel Hempstead.”

With love,

Shirley Charlin