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Out of school hours

Was watching a couple of Youtubers complete their crazy youtube challenges, and I suddenly remembered how I did one of my own quite a while back as well! 


It was an impromptu, insane decision that me and my group mates had. We had to do some observations for our group project and research paper,
so we decided that since we were going to the beach and having a picnic all at the same time, why not make it less boring?

The soda challenge is about being blindfolded and guessing what drink you're drinking at the point of time. Pretty simple! But it's more challenging
than it sounds!

We went to Giant at Vivocity, and got all our sodas - Coke, Coke Zero, Coke Light, Pepsi, Pepsi twist, Root beer, Sprite and 100 Plus. After 
completing our project observation, we did the challenge in pairs! I went first, with Jana, my other classmate!

We were blindfolded, and my other two friends poured the drinks and wrote the names of the drinks on to the cups so they could tell whether we had
guessed the drinks right! Here's the video to our attempt at the challenge!

Part 1 ! 
It certainly was not as easy as it seemed! The drinks had a difference between them, but to guess the difference between the cokes and the coke and pepsi, was
really tricky! My tastebuds went into overdrive!

Overall though, it made our project outing a little more fun. Who says you can't have fun while doing work?

Try to challenge yourself! Y-O-L-O ! :D