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Weekend Winddown! with SAFRA

SAFRA MOBILE SNAPATHON kept me busy last weekend! Together, me and my friends ran around 5 checkpoints (Central @ Clarke Quay + 5 museums around SG) to photograph and unleash our creativity! It wasn't your typical amazing race, but it was definitely, an amazing experience!

We got to Central @ Clarke Quay early to grab our event tshirts after which we had time to roam around the surrounding booths, since our briefing was at 9.30am! There were several booths - Pixaroll, one by the SAFRA Photography Club and another by Nakamichi electronics! Each participant was entitled to 3 free photograph prints at Pixaroll's booth, so you can guess what we were doing of course! Queueing up to print our photographs like kiasu Singaporeans!

Aren't they pretty? :O

The other booths included:

(SAFRA Photography Club)

(Nakamichi Electronics)

We headed outside for our briefing after that, leaving the comfort of the air-conditioned mall behind.

The organizers briefed us on the different rules of the event. There were two categories - team and individual, and different criteria's for both. For team categories, each team has to submit only one picture that encompassed the theme at each checkpoint. As for individuals, even if we were all going around together as a group, we had to submit an individual photo each. Before leaving for the first checkpoint, all of us were required to use the QR Code Scanner (that you can download from the App store) and scan the banner situated outside the Central to register ourselves! This was the case for each checkpoint as well. To find out the theme, we were to scan the QR code on each banner before diving into our challenge.

(Our briefing being held outside the Central)

(Look at the turnout!)

(Our excited faces before the start of the race! Excuse all the 10-pound eyebags...)

After the short briefing, we were off to our first checkpoint at the Asian Civilisation's Museum, a short walk away from Clarke Quay.

Checkpoint 1's theme was "Devotion and desire" !

Some of the creativeness :

And.. some of the commitment!

We had a time limit at each of these stations, to actually take and submit only one picture to the web link that we had through our phones! People were literally on their knees in the middle of the museum exhibits trying to get their perfect picture.

Within the assigned time, if we were not able to upload those pictures on the web link, our pictures wouldn't be counted.

After we were done at the first checkpoint, we made our way to the Peranakan Museum, which was our second!

Let's start scanning! Our theme here was "12 Days of Weddings!"

Throughout the entire SNAPATHON, we also had our own cheerleaders! There were volunteers with clappers always motivating us and cheering us on :) Plus they were also helpful if we had any questions to ask.

The challenge at the Peranakan Museum was quite hard, and it got alot of us stressed out. Most of the exhibits were showcasing different aspects of weddings, and there was no way we could incorporate all of those to symbolize 12 days of wedding preparations, so we improvised. We used, each other. 

And after all that stress, of course we had to go outside and take a chill pill. We hung out with some "new friends" !


And after picking his nose, we headed to the National Museum of Singapore for our third challenge and checkpoint!

was our theme, and there were so many things to photograph there. I saw people pretending to be asleep on a pile of newspapers on the floor in the middle of the museum, others, heading straight for the souvenir shop where there was signs that said "CHOPE" or "RESERVED" and of course, "SALE". Because all that is typically, Singaporean.

I on the other hand, chased after the Singapore flag.

I couldn't get it uploaded though because there were errors in loading the picture on the web link :(

It was hot, and we were all sweaty and contemplating getting a bite at Food For Thought, but we PERSEVERED. By persevering I mean, we took the bus to our next checkpoint which was Fish & Co, at Somerset 313. NO MORE WALKING FOR US!

This was my favourite place to shoot, because of all the wacky ideas all the participants came up with! Our theme was "Reeling in the fish" and this were some of the crazy things that everyone was doing:

(Me taking a grumpy/hungry shot of my friend about to devour a whole school of fish!)

*SPOILER ALERT* (This was the winner for the category!)

Hey, it couldn't have gotten crazier than that! I bet the diners were having a good lunch-tertainment!

Our final checkpoint was back at Central, Clarke Quay. The theme was "Riverfront Dining, Riverfront Shopping".

And we were all hungry by then, which explains....


We went back to the comfort of the Central, and we were entertained by the DJ/emcee asking us trivia questions and handing out goodie bags as prizes. 

Plus, all the photos we painstakingly took we were able to view on huge flatscreens all around the stage area!

The judges shortlisted certain photographs, and we awaited the results which were released at 3PM.

(The judges judging HAHA)

Shortlisting..... and announcing... 

The winners received a huge hamper of Nivea products, and of course a prize cash each regardless of team or individual category!

Neither of my friends and I won anything, however, we did gain a whole lot of insight into the creative mindset of the participants of the event! It was definitely a whole new experience and I was glad I was able to be a part of it. 

Being a part of this SNAPATHON was definitely a great way to end my weekend.

Till more upcoming events,

x Fie
Picture Credits to SAFRA Youth Network , Retrieved from (