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It has been completely insane for me this entire month! Back-to-back tests, project submissions, presentations. 

I literally crashed, burned and died yesterday. I was so frustrated, I had this heated discussion with friends in a cab on the way home. Guess I scared the cab driver quite abit, since he drove so fast, I thought I was in Harry Potter's magic bus or something.

With all the stress I'm going through, I let loose by going into my "second realm"? Since I bake for a living, sort off, I've been crazy packed with orders after orders of cupcakes, cakes, birthday surprises... You name it, I've probably done it. At least, it's another way to relax and disappear from the pressures of school and council.

Be prepared for some food porn ;)

Photo: Surprised @ultimateyecandy with a whole box of cupcakes today ^_^ so glad you like them! And thank you so much for the koi! <3 picture credits to: @ultimateyecandy ☺️

Surprised an old friend of mine with the cupcakes for her birthday earlier on, and got a surprise right back from her :> She bought me a largeeee cup of koi :') Kinda made my week so much better. I'm so thankful for the amout of emotional support I've been getting from everyone. I guess I have to bounce back even stronger now!

On a side note though, I'm off to Starbucks for an intense mugging session + SIM-UB Bash/Pageant 2013 is two weeks away!!!! Can't wait. :D