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Omorfia - SIM UB Pageant 2013 (Part II)

(read part 1, because well, spoiler alert!)

Photos © Lim Yong Teck

Arriving at Zouk at 10-ish was insane. Carrying logistics all the way from school in frumpy slippers and a casual tee was insane. Dry runs, practices with the emcees, organizing the makeup artist and final goodie bag packing + cutting of voting slips.... The chaos seemed to be never ending. Besides games and so on, there were special performances by our own Voices of UB and the amazing dance crew, Limited Edition. While they were rehearsing, I was trying to keep myself awake by drinking alot of lattes... and holding my pee in...

We finally managed to head back to the hotel room to change and shower and get ready before we hosted our sponsors when the doors opened at 6. While the sponsorship team and a few others were outside awaiting the sponsors, Voices of UB opened the event for us.

(My team outside!)

(One of the emcees)

(Our judges x Senior Manhunt Gilbert Tang, Miss Universe 2012 Lynn Tan, Former mr and ms UB Marcus Goh and Rachel Fang, Music Clinic Representative, Gina Lin)

After the ushering of our sponsors in, and the emcees introducing the sponsors and judges, it was time for our first walk! The casual walk featuring Nookmag x Lee Cooper!



The walk was followed up with the Q & A section! It was a short one though!

And of course, we cannot forget the wonderful pageant x backstage crew!

There were also sponsored games by Loserkids SG and Wavehouse Sentosa! We had so many sporting people in our crowd, it was a laugh!

Loserkids SG sponsored the wonderful Macbeth tshirts for each of our game contestants! The game was to dance insanely with every change of music!

I can safely say that my previous UB Council Exco member did preeeeetttyyyy well ;) 

The most anticipated walk of the night was definitely the beach walk. Generously sponsored by Funfit, and with the positions of Mr and Ms Funfit up for grabs, the contestants gave it their all!

The themewalk was my favourite walk of all. They were gorgeous and hunky in their costumes, and they were all soooo into character.


(Farhanah looked like a water goddess omg)


And then while the contestants changed out of their beautiful costumes, it was time for another game! This time, sponsored by Wavehouse Sentosa!

Which was then followed up by the 'Best Dressed Audience' Contest before it was time for the formal walk. The gowns sponsored by 'Loef' or Lilies on e Field, were so so lovely on the girls. Plus all of them got to keep them too!






And finally they had their last walk, together.



My wonderful gorgeous babies, all grown up :')

While the judges deliberated on the winners for each category; Mr and Ms Funfit, Mr and Ms Nookmag and Mr and Ms SIM-UB 2013, Limited Edition gave us a blast of a performance. THEY WERE AMAZING.

Finally, it was the moment of truth. I was feeling all jittery, and all nervous for my pageant babies. I really was. 

Mr and Ms Funfit was announced and......



Mr & Ms Individual (by Nookmag) was awarded to...



And then the runner-ups....


Congratulations again to Mark , and Alyssa for being crowned 2nd runner-ups for Mr and Ms SIM-UB 2013!

And then for 1st runner-up... CONGRATS ANDY AND VALERIE. 


Finally, the moment everyone was waiting for...

Mr & Ms SIM-UB 2013 is....LINUS AND... YILIN !!



The votes were so close together, I was pretty sad that not everyone won. But I was still proud of each and every one of them. 


Look at their happy faces!:) I'm so proud of all of them, no words can describe....

Pageant was an amazing experience. Definitely there were ups and downs, but overall, it was worth it. I made new friends, tightened old friendships, and I never thought I'd say this, but some stress is good stress. HAHAHAHA.

Till the next event! I'm Fie, your SIM-UB Campus Correspondent, signing off ;)