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UB Pageant 2013 "Omorfia"

Hellllloooo not so updated campus blog! for a whole new update on the activities ongoing through my entire UB Fall semester.

Previously I did mention that the SIM-UB Pageant was upcoming, and yes, I was in the midst of the entire events team (in the sponsorship's team), planning to an insane extent. Yes, that mean't late nights, weekends camped behind the laptop constantly emailing potential sponsors, photoshoots, prop making etcetera etcetera. YES in short! I WAS SWAMPED, on top of the amount of project works and presentations that I had...... 

Goodness, my eyebags could fit like 10000000000 grains of rice or something...

So, of course, like all pageants, there is the normal task of scouting, the interviews and so on and so forth. The best part was definitely the pageant trainings! I wasn't around for the earlier trainings, especially with my own job of emailing potential sponsors, but I did come in for quite a number of trainings after a majority of the jobs were done in my sponsorship team (and if my IC needed me to go!). Officially, I divided my post into 3 aspects? Specifically, THE BONDING, THE BEHIND THE SCENES, JUDGEMENT DAY. 

I knew quite a few of the contestants, not really really well? But I did know them. And of course when I came down, I got to bond with the other contestants better :) Here are some behind the scenes/bonding pictures of us during pageant training number 12o8378237 :B 

(Me with the pageant team, and contestants Linus, Andy and Mark)

(Me with Mark, Yilin, Andy, Najeer and Sarah)

Our first shoot was with sponsors Nookmag x Lee Cooper for the casualwear, and there were alot of issues there, but we managed to have fun with it! Yes, we photoboothed. LIKE CRAZY. And we even did our own pageant harlem shake video to cheer us all up HAHAHA.

(Me and the gorgeous F5, Valerie)

Of course, the wonderful pageant team/pageant "nannies" and my very very veryyyyy awesome friends from Summer'13! 

And the guys just doing their thing.... We have  Linus, the mafia, Amir, the matrep with the guitar and Mark the bboy. LOL.

Of course, we had the fittings for themewear and everything which I am so sorry I can't show you pictures of, but I was there for the photoshoots for Funfit (our generous swimwear sponsor) and the themewear shoot by Awesome Costumes :>

There was a greek-roman theme to our pageant this year, and so the contestants F1 to F5 and M1 to M5 were categorized according to elements.
F1 and M1 was Light, and they're in white and gold (above), F2 and M2 was Earth, portrayed in the middle in brown and green, F3 and M3 was water, of course in gorgeous shades of blue, F4 and M4 was fire (in red, duh!) and finally F5 and M5 was darkness, all in black and looking sexy.


F1 and M1, Mark and Yilin - Light

F2 and M2 - Amir and Alyssa, Team Double A! - Earth

F3 and M3 - Linus and Farhanah - Water

F4 and M4 - Najeer and Sarah - Fire

F5 and M5 - Valerie and Andy - Darkness

Their costumes as mentioned were generously sponsored, and our sponsor AwesomeCostumes did a wonderful job! 

The themewear shoot was done after the Funfit shoot, and here were the pictures. *cues nelly's hot in here song....* Funfit had an online voting or "facebook liking" system, where the public could like their favourites, and the votes would count into the overall score. There was also a Mr and Ms Funfit category to be won!

Aren't they just gorgeous :3 I'm such a proud mama!! :>

Well, since it's such an image heavy post, I obviously have to cut it down somewhere. These were all the prep work that went into our final event.

....which.. i unfortunately have to blog about in another upcoming post.. teehee..