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Ultimate Party Run (Illumi Run 2013)

FINALS ARE FINALLY OVER ! *put yo hands in the airrrrr~*

What better way to celebrate then to run a marathon ;) ?

No, seriously. 

If you missed the Illumi Run 2013, make sure you sign yourself up for Illumi Run 2014, because my Saturday was amazeballs D; No 
amount of adjectives, nouns and verbs could describe how much fun I had while running 5k around the F1 Pit Building yesterday.

Illumi Run is the first of it's kind in Asia, the ultimate party run. It's the kind of run where you race and get sprayed with neon glow water 
and dance while you're at it to the amazing music that you get to here around the run zones! Not only that, after an awesome run, we got to immerse 
ourselves in the after-party with cute Djs spinning awesome tunes and getting sprayed with more glow water! :D

Managed to drag a classmate of mine to run this 5k with me, and it turns out it was her first ever run! 
(Photos credited to: SingaSports @ SingaSports

It looks like a live club/some beach party thing instead of a marathon, honestly. 

So, of course, with every race or run, there will definitely be a race pack. For Illumi Run 2013, they had:

(Credits to:

1. A pair of really really luminous goggles; pink, orange, green, blue in neon colours
2. An LED wrist band, in the exact same neon colours (They flash/light up depending on what setting you put them on!)
3. Your number tag with your details
4. Your Illumi Run shirt to get paint splattered of course!
5. A neon green tag for your alcohol/drinks after a damn good run! 

What makes it extra special is that the run is timed at night! The flag off time was at 8pm, and me and my +1 were there at close to 7.30! 
It was so crowded, and the Dj was already hyping up the atmosphere with some great tunes!

This was us, clean, before the whole race began! Went to place our bags at the baggage queue, and yes, they provided ziplock bags for our wonderful phones so that
they wouldn't be the victim of the neon water :D In addition to that, there were LIGHTSTICKS. I am a mad fan of lightsticks.....

They let us go in batches, so that all of us would get splashed equally I guess! We were quite thankful that we were somewhere in the front to middle of the queue,
and we didn't have to wait very long for them to flag us off! 


We were entertained by wonderful music, while we were waiting, and sprayed with water guns too! The motivators threw large glow sticks/clappers 
to the crowd while we were waiting, I didn't get one though :(

Surprisingly, it was a huge change from running in the morning. (Besides it being reallllly dark) It was harder for my eyes to work
it's way around, but thank goodness for my ears. LOL.

Anddddd we walked straight into the spray zone!

Thank goodness for the goggles, we literally got sprayed EVERYWHERE. And it was only our first stop!
While running, there were neon coloured balls everywhere, and I mean, of course we took another picture :D

Remember what my shirt looks like now, and then wait for the aftermath later ;)

I just wanted to get covered in neon glow water, so I literally stood in front of the person spraying the neon water at us HAHAHAHA.

There were blue lights along the way, and we stopped to take a glow-ed picture of us! :)

Almost ending :( The run was relatively short, too short I think :(

Nearer to the ending, we had to go through this awesome tunnel, where they had like light projectors and stuff.
I didn't manage to take a better picture of it though.


And then, we were done :( 




And everyone else's of course! 

The after-party kicked off with the UrbanDrumz Crew! They made music beating on drums and coloured water would splash out D:
So apt for the event!

We literally "clubbed" with the tunes according to Tinc, all the way till it was almost time for curfew, at 11pm! 

Managed to grab a picture with this dude with the cool mask too! 

Collected our bags from the baggage counter, and all we wanted after the whole event was a massage for our feet, and 100plus. 
Bumped into a few of my other friends there too! It seemed like everyone was out for a party that night :D

Pictures are thanks to him, and his crew from Singasports ! :D Oh, and thank you for the 100 Plus too! 
(Yes, i hope you see the colour of my shirt now)

And with aching feet, we walked to the train station not caring whether people judged us for our neon shirts, orange hair, orange face.

Yep, I was completely soaked through in orange neon from the afterparty! 
You can clearly see the difference in colour in our shirts HAHAHAHAHA. I'm OBVIOUSLY the cleanest ;)

Went home, sticky, but the best part was, everyone avoided me on the train HAHAHA yay.
Illumi Run was the best way to end finals and begin holidays, with a huge BANG.

You can compare my shirt colour now. Tie-dye is the in thing ;)

And thank you to my wonderful classmate for joining me on this insane journey and getting down and dirty with me! 
I hope you thoroughly enjoyed yourself :)

And for more photos as well as health tips & tricks, don't forget to visit:

SingaSports at their: