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Fall's coming! Hold your wallets!

Fall semester is just around the corner and just like all other Semesters, it's time to save lots of money for all your books and school stuff!

As all UB students know, the textbooks for all students are crazy expensive! Of course, we don't have to spend majority of our allowances
on the textbooks that we need if we know the cheat codes. Hence, here you go, cheat codes for easy-on-your-pocket school living.

Like I learnt when I first started my Summer semester in UB, the booklist shows you killer prices for the various books that you
need for your modules. I mean, this semester, my communications books cost up to $180! Just for one book! That's a third of
my allowance :O

Thankfully, I've learnt how to get brand new books at less than a fraction of the price! 

Here's the secret!

We have various Facebook groups where everyone can get their books at a much cheaper price!!


These are the three facebook groups that UB students usually buy or sell their textbooks! All you have to do is
request to be added into the various groups, and wait for the Admin to add you in!

Then post your advertisements up!

Advertisements usually look like this:

WTB (willing to buy) or WTS (willing to sell) : 

(Module number/name) : (Book title), (Book edition) 

For example: 


ESL407: Longman Writer (6th Edition) 

and you just wait for people to notify you via facebook message! Others will leave WTS advertisements and you can
either drop them a personal message or comment on their facebook post if you're interested in getting any of their books,
or have any of the books that they are looking for!

It's as easy as that! Try to get as much value as you can out of the books that you intend to buy!
For me, I don't feel like buying an original SOC293 book is worth it because I'm only taking this module this semester, and I'm not
majoring in it! Therefore I'd rather invest in original (or better condition) books related to my modules and my major!

Another way to get books at reasonably low prices would be to head down to the book sale that is held every semester at the UB Council Room.
Each book is usually categorized according to the condition of the book! 

The better the condition of the book, the higher the price will be! 

But note that the queues will be craaaazy! So go earlier to fight for your book!


1. The best thing to do is to go scouting for your books at an earlier timing to ensure that you get the books that you are looking for!
2. Reserve your books with the respective sellers, and try to negotiate the prices of your books!
3. Don't forget to compare the original prices of the books to the prices offered by the seller!


1. When selling your books, take into consideration the condition of your books! (Any highlighting, notes, torn pages, stains etc)
2. Prices should be reasonable, depending on the condition of the book! Note that if your books are too expensive, people won't buy them!)

And overall, good luck with the book buying, book fighting and book searching! First-come-first serve! All hands on decks!