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People everywhere

I haven't posted in awhile, school has been crazy hectic!

Ironically, I'm sitting at the student's corner attempting to drown out the noise of passing students as they end their classes 
with their own relatively happy cheer. 

It has been a crazy few weeks since the other schools' started their semesters, and slowly, the difference is night and day.
Not saying that it's an overly bad thing that school is over-run with students, but I'm just saying I can't even get 
a writing pad at our school's Popular without the queue being all the way to the door. 

Let's just call it the never-ending fight for textbooks. 

I skipped break today too. Not because I wasn't hungry, but because I only have one choice, and one choice only.
M A L A Y F O O D.
And my god, you should see the lines in the canteen now. It is officially two days since I had something from the Malay store, and no,
breakfast does not count. :(

*watches good food fly before my very eyes*

The only good thing that both my schoolmates and I have agreed upon is the increase in student population means more chances for us 
to people watch ;)

That is obviously a very good thing. I guess we love watching people walk by us, oblivious to the fact that they are being watched, sometimes
even scrutinized from afar. Good-looking girls and boys beware!!

I should get back to distracting myself with the upcoming tests this week. What's new? I just received my results on last week's test,
and this week, I have two more tests to get back to. 

Let's get cracking on the books!