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Hello Holidays! (and random thoughts)

I'm counting down the hour that I have left of the Summer semester in UB. Last lesson of the semester, and all us communication
students are getting down to some serious mugging sessions over the weekend.

Yup, despite it being "holiday" season, we have our first Final exam on Monday :(
That gives us all three days to do some crazy miracle revision, and two days for those who start their "holidays" 

At least we'll get it all over and done with within our first week of holidays instead of it dragging till the end of the holidays.

*trying to think positive* (and keep myself awake)

Summer has been amazing. Although Summer ends in a little over an hour, it has been a hectic two months in school.
Hectic two weeks full of quizzes, mid-terms, tests, presentations and lots and lots of essays. 
It definitely has been a crazy few months up to today, but heyyyy, Y-O-L-O !!


Fall starts in 4 weeks, and we may or may not be with the same people we knew during orientation, or not see
a few of our closest friends in school. The idea is to make plans with them over the holidays so that we'd be able to maintain
our close relationship ties despite the difference in major or classes and electives.

It sounds a little sad, but I guess university life is all about meeting new people, exchanging your thoughts and feelings with 
other people around you and to increase your social circle. 

And one example is of how I managed to make it into the women's soccer team. :) Training was yesterday, and
I finally met new people who were not from UB! Technically I was the only new player from UB, and the only other person from
UB is the vice-captain. Everyone else is from the same course in RMIT o_o

But when I started talking to them, I felt like I knew them since forever. 

Besides that, notes, textbooks and coffee (alot of it) will be our best friends, our other halves over the weekend.
Yup, some crazy revision is going down~

Despite having tests and quizzes every week for UB, and the weightage of the final exam isn't as high as 50 or 60 percent,
it means that it should be easier for us to score since we do "constant revision" !

Sigh, the pressure.

Well, till finals are over, and holidays really commence,
I bid you guys Adieu.

From behind the screen of UB Campus,

- Fie