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The Last Hunger Games.


And yes, hello again from UB ;)

I am back this Fall semester to bring you guys up to speed on the stuff I took part in during our summer holidays! (lack of summer holidays i mean)
So, before the Summer semester ended, applications opened up for those who were interested in becoming OGL's (orientation group leaders) for the
Fall semester. Fall is UB's largest intake of course, and the organizing committee and Student Council need the manpower, hence the crazy advertising
for OGL's! The theme this semester was , "The Last Hunger Games - Rebels vs Patriots".

Me and a couple of others (then freshies now seniors hehehe) from the summer intake applied together, and we were given our interview dates and timings
according to when we were available. And then the interview process begun~

I can't very well let on what happens during the interview of course, in case some of you Fall freshman are lurking around for tips and tricks to smuggle yourselves
into Spring FOC.... 

But, one thing I strongly believe in is, never expect to be handed the title of OGL, instead, walk into the interview room with an open mind and accept whatever may come at you. :)

Interviews might seem like a piece of cake, but clearly, it is not as easy as it seems. 

After the long awaited anticipation from the interview days, and the countless amount of times you check your email inboxes for any news at all that you've been accepted into
the FOC, you finally see the Subject header that you've been wanting to see for what seems like a long while. 

And then you start screaming. Well, at least I did. 

That was the exciting part. But after the exciting part, comes the workload. 

Being an OGL is not all about fun and games. It consists of hard work and dedication, and alot of sacrifices. 

First was the facilitators briefing, which we all went for. Had some introduction games, and some get-to-know each other sort of thing. Followed by alot of admin stuff. Calling freshman, asking them their details and confirming all their dietary restrictions, camp attendance. The fun part was when the dry runs began. ;) Expect a blast, pretend you're a freshman all over again, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere. Get down and dirty is what dry runs are all about! We went through all the games, tested some, gave our feedback, and got to know more about each other through our bonding session that included lots of pizza, and a crazy game of charades. NOT FORGETTING BEER PONG, in this case no beer involved but there was weird concoctions, AND RUNNING MAN. 

(Human caterpillar)

(Flip the mat)

Yeah this is camp bonding at a whole new level!

Packing day is when we get organized, and get everything ready for the actual day. It was a stay-in-school till late day, and I remember I didn't sleep AT ALL the day before camp. God knows how I survived, but I guess I was pretty much running on adrenaline. 

CAMP DAY WAS INSANELY BUSY. But that doesn't mean we didn't take pictures.....

... As you can guess by now, I'm from the Rebels side.. ;)

The Patriots practising their mass dance in the room while the freshmen are having their briefings.

(The majority of us OGLs, and of course one of our House managers' Colin!)

Camp was held at the Sembawang Camp Challenge after lunch and it was a 2D1N affair. We had all sorts of games and cheer competitions to get into the swing of things.
At the end of two days, the house with the most points would win overall.

Rebels OGLs CHEER101. 
This was before our amazing race on the second day. Our amazing race was held at Sembawang Park, and it had the craziest stations........ I mean, Harlem Shake was one of them.
It was crazyyyyyyyy. I might sneak in a video or two.......

(one of the stations in the amazing race)

Part of the finale was to build a structure, and have as many waterbombs as possible to aim at the Patriot's structure and vice versa so as to knock it down. You could collect
coupons from any of the GMS (game masters) during the amazing race and it could be labeled 'more cardboard' or '10 waterbombs' or something in addition to what you already have. So this was half of the Rebels building the structure, and the rest were using whatever body of water they could to fill plastic bags to make waterbombs. AND I MEAN EVERY BODY OF WATER.

Look at them clustered around the water coolers?! There were more near the fire hose too! And in the toilet! See what I mean?!
And we used our shirts, plastic bags, tote bags anything we could to make transporting the water bombs faster LOL. My shirt went from an L to an XL in seconds!

Our Primes aka our Game Masters and in-charges :)

Overall, after all the water bombing, and cheering and everything, the Patriots won the best overall house this Fall, and each house had the best OG. For Rebels, 
I was proud and really surprised to say, I and my partner Yiling, together with our freshies managed to get best OG :') For a first timer, I was proud of myself, and of 
course really proud of my freshmen for doing an amazing job.

Congratulations to my OG, OG14 for such a good job!! 

To all future UB students, and anyone who is now interested in joining future FOC's as OGL's, you are very welcome!!! Try this out at least once, if not, UB life will 
not be complete! 

Don't miss out!!!

From behind the scenes at UB,