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I like to eat.

Hi y’all.

I am Joy, the new campus correspondent for NUS. This post is late because I’ve been addicted to flappybird.


Just kidding. That is my high score though, but I’m not actually stuck on it – the novelty wears off when you start getting the higher scores. Anyway, this is my first post here, so here’s an obligatory and customary self-introduction. 

That’s me pretending to be emo at Cabo da Roca, a cape in Portugal which is also the westernmost point of continental Europe. They say it’s "where the land ends and the sea begins" – how nice a description.

I love: travelling; eating; opening the fridge; chilling; looking into the cupboard; surfing YouTube; reading; sitting in front of the television watching whatever comes on; listening to music (mostly Chinese pop, Jay Chou has been my favourite artiste for more than a decade); photography; watching Hong Kong TVB dramas and Taiwan idol dramas; wiki-hopping; reading everything that my friends share on Facebook/ Twitter and did I mention eating?

This was my breakfast in Granada, Spain last December. I didn’t finish the whole tray of bananas obviously, but yes, it was awesome. I prefer sweet to salty popcorn – salty ones just do not appeal to me at all; it lacks the crunch, the flavour, and everything else that’s good about popcorn. Chips are awesome in any and every flavour.

I’ve a sort of an obsession with skies and sunsets; it’s one of those things which brighten up my mood easily (in addition to ice-cream – again, in any flavour). That’s also a reason why I love travelling so much, being up in the sky puts me into a relaxed state instantly. I love Taiwan; the food is nice and the people are warm. There’s really a lot of warmth in Taiwan, and I strongly urge anyone who hasn’t been to Taiwan before to give it a try, you’ll love it. I also love Switzerland. Life is short; travel more while you can :)

I’m a Year 2 Sociology Major at NUS – and for those of you who aren’t aware of just what Sociology is (no worries,  you’re not alone in this), it is basically a discipline that complements psychology in offering a more complete perspective into the individual and his environment; that is, while psychology examines the individual, we look instead into the dynamics of his or her social life and social relationships – the key is on the word social. It centres about the idea that they are social forces that shape our lives. In the words of C. Wright Mills, a prominent sociologist, it involves the translation of private troubles into public issues – and that is the sociological imagination. No worries at all if you’re still lost at this point; I’ll have a more comprehensive post into my major a while later. Meanwhile, remember that sociology is not social work - they are separate disciplines altogether.

My ramblings tend to be quite random, and I love sashimi.


A pile of readings has been sitting at the corner of my table since the term started… And the ridiculous backlog and upcoming deadlines are starting to freak me out. But it always seems as if the busier I get, the more interesting everything else appears to be; yet there’s absolutely nothing to do when I am bored. Does the world plot against you too?

That’s about it for now – I have to get back to my readings – and I look forward to sharing more snippets of my campus life with you in the upcoming posts. Do let me know what you’d like to know/ hear more of, I’ll try my best to keep you interested.

Thanks for reading!