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Do parents make the best teachers?

Our parents may be our very first teachers, but can they teach us everything we need to know about life?

"Listen to your parents! They're always right!" But really, are they? Are there better teachers than our own parents?

Our parents' job as "teachers" start early. I remember going for walks with my parents when I was a toddler. They showed me the flowers, the trees and the birds: that was practically my first ever (unofficial) science lesson.

My mother also brought me to the wet market when I was little, and she showed me the different types of fruits, vegetables and poultry. I can still recall those moments, even till now.


Fathers may become their child's personal coach, teaching them how to swim like a fish, or to kick their first soccer ball. Similarly, mothers may invite their daughters into the kitchen to give them a hands-on home economics lesson.

And then there those give up their career to devote their time to tutor their children. Of course, it is not surprising that some parents feel that they know their child best, and that they know the best ways to teach them. However, they cannot possibly teach us everything.

For example, your father may teach you how to ride your first two-wheeler bike. "Lift your right foot off the ground after you've pushed off with your left foot! Now put it on the pedal," he may say.


But your dad will not be sitting on the bike with you and guiding you throughout. Sooner or later, you have to be brave and ride your own bike and be determined to pick yourself up after each fall.

Our parents can teach us how to read and write, and explain the reason why certain things are done the way they are. However, this one-way process may not be as effective once we reach our teenage years - this is when most of us feel lost and confused.

As a teen, we grow up and make new friends. We may even fall into bad company. At this point, chiding us with phrases like "Don't steal, lie or cheat," do not have much impact. At this stage, we feel like we are mature enough to make our own choices. Most of us have smooth-sailing ones with little bumps, but others are not so lucky.


It all boils down to this: the experiences, good or bad, that you face in life matters. It makes you grow, mature and become the adult that you are supposed to be.

You will feel accomplished after each experience because your determination took you to where you are now. Your parents may be your teachers for the first few years of your life, but experience will always be there for you.

So, do not be afraid to make mistakes or get your heart broken. It may hurt, at least for a moment, but you will grow two inches after reflecting on that one mistake that you made. What does not break you makes you stronger.

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