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We, the youths of Singapore, are crabs.

Our consolation winner for 'Your Turn To Write' compares Singaporean youth with the delectable national dish, chilli crabs. Do you like her analogy?

We, the youths of Singapore, are like chilli crabs.

Chilli crabs usually look intimidating from the outside, and we never fail to put up a fight before you see us in the flesh. Perhaps that is our way of seeking out the ones who matter.

If you are looking for a quick meal, we are not for you. Some may find us obnoxious as a result, but that is hardly the case – we are purely seeking time, love, and devotion.

And if you happen to have the time, we promise to not disappoint.


Proud as we are, we recognise that the crab dish is nothing without its gravy – our friends and family. Be it the fiery chilli crab, the butter crab steamed to perfection or the delightful salted egg crab, we are our best when surrounded by the people who love us; they enhance our flavour and bring out the best in us.

It is hard to thrive when we are alone and isolated, but our loved ones encourage us and push us on to be who we are. Home is wherever the gravy is. 


Just as you should not judge a book by its cover, please do not judge a crab by its appearance. Not all crabs get to live an easy life. We have all been subjected to different trials and tribulations before we became who we are today.

Most often, those who have been heated the longest, in the spiciest of spices and pastes, taste the best – even if they may not look pretty on the surface.

Take your time to devour and understand the crab before you make a judgement.


As with animals and mankind everywhere, we also thrive on love and appreciation. The chilli crab is one of the most popular dishes in Singapore, loved by citizens of all ages.

Similarly, Singapore youth are also one of the most celebrated and valued demographics, heralded quite literally and truly as the future of the nation. Yet, it is crucial to realise that without the gravy – people of all demographics – we would become who we are.

Without being loved by fellow Singaporeans, we would lay unnoticed and unable to realise our full potential. But with the love that we receive from them, we can shine brightly, both locally and abroad. For that, us "crabs" are grateful.

It might not be easy to approach a crab. It will take time for you to take us apart and savour the goodness within, but when you do, rest assured that it will be worth your effort.

Congratulations, Koizora! Thanks for making us crave for chilli crabs :p We will be sending you the prizes soon!

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