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Do it for yourself


If you have ever thought of yourself as not beautiful enough, you are not alone.

I was flipping through Vogue at a family gathering one day and I kept thinking to myself about how I would love to be as skinny as the models.

I wondered how many meals I would need to skip just to lose some weight. I thought about going to the toilet to throw up, simply because I felt sick that I allowed myself to eat despite my size.

The thought scared me. What scared me the most was that it was not the only time I had considered it. The notion that I had to lose weight was constantly at the back of my mind.

Everything I did felt like it was never enough to be as skinny to look half as gorgeous as those girls you see on magazines and TV. I would have killed to be one of those girls whose selfies are constantly retweeted or one of those girls who gets 200 likes on their post gym selfies on Instagram.



Then I realised, none of it matters. Why should it?

Granted I am not the thinnest person in the world and I will never look like one of those girls who make it to the cover of magazines or the TV screens, but I am uniquely me.

The media promotes an image of unattainable beauty. Most of what we see are brushed up images that are really hard to attain naturally. 100% of the images we see in magazines are photoshopped. So why beat myself up over something that even Hollywood celebrities cannot live up to?



Being thin does not automatically make people like you; if it does make someone like you better, then that person should not be allowed in your life. The promise of friendship and love should not be dependent on how you look on the outside, but on how people appreciate how your mind works.

Italian-French film star Sophia Loren once said: "Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical." There is nothing more attractive than someone who is empowered and confident in his/her skin. Do not allow your value to be limited to your physical appearances; it is all about how you feel on the inside. External beauty has an expiration date, so why not focus on improving yourself from the inside out instead.

Looking to improve yourself, whether on the outside or the inside, is never a bad thing. Never let someone make you feel bad about trying to change for the better. The most important thing that you should remember is to improve for yourself, push yourself to your personal best, not the definition of perfection set by society.

Do not let anyone pressure you into losing weight, do it because you want to. Exercise because it not only makes you look good but because it also improves your health. Eating disorders are never the solution. Eating disorders may help one lose weight but it brings about several health hazards such as muscle loss, gastric ruptures and a higher risk for heart failures.

Do not let what you see in the media bully you into feeling less beautiful than you are. Use the images for motivation but if you find yourself having negative thoughts of your body when you are on mainstream and social media, switch the channel, close that magazine or get off that site.

The only one who has the ability to make you feel less than what you are is you. You are beautiful, realise that and embrace it.


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