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Younger TikTok users are mocked for cringy content


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Are the youths getting out of hand with excessive mockery towards cringe-worthy TikTok videos?

Dubsmash and are so 2015, don't you think? 

These once popular apps allow users to lip-sync or dance to trending songs from various genres, movie quotes and even memes. Some users get creative with their content by toggling between the speed and reverse functions and built-in filters, making their videos uniquely theirs. 

In recent times, however, social media app TikTok seems to be taking over its predecessor, Musical.lyAnd it's proving to be popular among the younger audience, specifically primary school students. 

Even my 11-year-old sister owns a TikTok account and she uses it almost frequently. Her videos are embarrassing and I have had my fair share of laughter. 

While many appreciate TikTok for its entertainment value, most have varied opinions on content created by younger users, which are usually perceived as "cringy". 

Let's be honest. You might have laughed and cringed at these amateur TikTok videos circulating online. Even I am guilty of watching these TikTok compilation threads on Twitter. 

However, I do ask myself if such young TikTok users, my younger sister included, deserve these disparaging remarks. She once received an influx of mockery till she refused to go to school. She feared receiving more remarks such as "Please get a life and stop wasting your free time." and "This kid doesn't have anything better to do." from her own peers. 

Some youths even go to the extent of sharing these TikTok videos on their Instagram stories. They usually ask their followers to "claim" the younger users, implying that they do not associate with such acts of folly. 

TikTok's dual screen function. 

However, I feel like the extent of mockery has reached its pinnacle.

Although these TikTok videos may be our laughing stock, we might have taken it overboard. We fail to realise how detrimental our acts are can be towards the well-being of younger users. Recently, my friend's Instagram follower reported him to his school for imposing excessive negative remarks on TikTok videos of younger users.

Is there a fine line between being a witness and being a friend? Should we put our friend's future at stake in a fit of anger?

As older users, we should know how much is too much. In five years' time, these kids will look back and regret their shenanigans, but we should allow them to enjoy their childhood.

At the end of the day, cringe-worthy or not, let's just cut these kids some slack.