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Dear Covid-19: Thanks for giving me the privilege of time


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In her Dear Covid-19 letter, estate succession planner Eileen Sim shares how the outbreak has given her the time to rest.

Dear Covid-19 is a memory project by the National Youth Council (NYC) in partnership with DSTNCT, to shed light on everyday life when Singapore came to a standstill as everyone stayed home.

This is a collection of letters to COVID-19 from young Singaporeans from all walks of life, each going through their own struggles and/or victories. The following story was submitted by Eileen Sim, a 29-year-old estate succession planner, on May 28, 2020:

"Dear COVID-19,

We are approaching the last few days of the circuit breaker. I didn't learn how to cook. I didn't learn how to bake. I didn't take up a new skill. I didn't develop a workout routine. But, what I had in return is time - something that we have been neglecting and taken for granted in our daily lives previously.

Time when I finally caught up with all the old shows like Descendants of the Sun from years ago because watching shows was the least priority in my life as it's felt like a waste of my time to me (once you start on a show you can take 2-3 FULL days to finish it).

Time when I get to eat three meals a day because my new work-from-home colleague (my dad) ensures that we eat every single meal or more, so much so that I grew fatter.

Time when I have been able to see my parents more than ever as compared to the past.

Time when I get to tidy my wardrobe, mask my face, and just sleep the entire day a little more often as these used to be my lower priorities.

I'm always on a constant hustle - whether it's work or out for dinner and drinks after work or cafe hopping, finding activities during the weekend or travelling during leaves that I never felt like I have a proper rest till now.

I've never felt so rested. I've never felt like I have more than enough time to do every other thing that is at the back of my mind.

I know this 'break' is a privilege we will never have again once life resumes.

So, thank you for gifting me time." 

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