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Five ways to look (and feel) boldly bald

Dedicated to our guys who will be enlisting into National Service this year, here are some tips on looking and feeling awesome, despite being "bare" up there.

If you are enlisting into national service sometime this year and are worrying about your crowning glory being bare-ly there, here are five ways on how you can rock the (almost) bald look.

1. Look Frame-ous

The inability to style your hair does not give you the excuse to appear drab. Update your look with a pair of chic glasses. Glasses have been tested and proven to protect its user from the sun, help with short-sightedness and shield the eyes from paparazzi camera flashes.

Head down to the optical store (or night markets in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or Bali if you are travelling) to hunt down some cool frames.

Oh, and be sure to go with your buddies or your girlfriend so they can help find one that looks good on you.

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2. Tooth story, bro.

90s boyband Boyzone once sang, "A smile can bring you near to me…". Unfortunately, bad breath and unhealthy-looking teeth and gums can have people going the opposite direction. Habits like smoking can also stain your teeth. As time goes by, the staining spreads deeper into the tooth enamel, making it a permanent fixture. Unhealthy gums also gives rise to bad breath.

So, kick the habit by calling QuitLine at 1800 438 2000. Pay a visit to the dentist, and flash those pearly whites.

smile (

3. Suit up!

You do not have to put on a suit like Barney Stinson to look good, but putting in a little bit of extra effort in picking out what you wear will make all the difference. Unfortunately, wearing a tee with your favourite pair of jeans may not quite work all the time.

Depending on the occasion, work your top differently – wear a vest or a scarf with that tee, or a cotton shirt with the sleeves rolled up to spruce up your look. Pair it with jeans/berms and a neat pair of sneakers and you are ready to go!

barney stinson (
4. Your Body is a Wonder…ful Distraction

Take advantage of all that in-camp training! Target to lose weight or build-up mass so you are always beach-ready. Divert her gaze to your toned body to distract her from your (lack of) hair.

Life is all about doing things in moderation, so try not over-exercise either – unless of course you are going for that scary-bouncer look. Whatever it is, you need your fitness to be in shape. Smoking kills your stamina and stops you from achieving full, lasting results from your workouts. If you are a smoker, stop being short-changed and think about kicking the habit.
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5. Owning the 3 Cs

When all else fails, bring out the 3 Cs: Confidence, Charm and Charisma. Whether you are good at telling jokes, detailing stories of your adventures or with dishing out smooth pick-up lines, use your strengths to your advantage to win people over.

You know what they say, it is what is on the inside that counts. After all, your hair will grow back. Just give it a couple of months.

jokes (
Thanks HPB, for the article contribution!

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