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The weird and wonderful at Laneway


Here are snippets of the quirky artists you will be listening to at Laneway 2015.

To all the music junkies out there: Laneway is one of the most anticipated annual music festival in Singapore, and it would be a bummer for you to miss it. Indie music has a reputation of being eccentric and next year's line-up proves exactly so.

Here are some music videos to prepare yourselves for the weirdness that is to come. Youth.SG has also given you the benefit of categorising them by different kooky levels.

I don't even know:

1) Juvenile by .gif

A random string of intriguing actions with individuals wrapped in plastic bags and performing stretch-like dance moves; we like it?

2) My Kind of Woman by Mac Demarco

A gap-toothed man dressed in drag would surely fulfill every psychopath’s fantasy of being with a "special" woman. Well done Mac Demarco, very well done.

3) Anonymous Club by Courtney Barnet

'Anonymous club' is like a bad dream gone wrong, with peculiar animation that makes you feel like you are trapped in an era of black and white.


1) Two Weeks by FKA Twigs

Your eyes would be glued to the screen once the music video starts. Modern-day Cleopatra, FKA Twigs, reels you in with her nonchalant dance moves while she sits on her well-deserved throne.

2) Sitting Up On Our Crane by Pond

We have absolutely nothing to say about this. It is an out of this world experience that reminds you of graphics from the 2000s.

3) A Dream Of You And Me by Future Islands

This would be one of the most elaborate art projects you have ever seen that will not leave you wanting more (of art, that is).

I sh*t bricks:

1) Water Me by FKA Twigs

This extreme close-up shot of a more made-up version of Annabelle would send eerie chills down your spine, as it did to ours.

2) Passing Out Pieces by Mac Demarco

A murderous man surrounded by gooey cabbage? Who then mysteriously gives birth to a baby doll... sounds about right.

3) Gunshot by Lykke Li

Amidst an apocalyptic landscape, there is a five metre wide trench dividing an open field, in which a woman appears, dancing as if she got shot in the knee.

Hauntingly beautiful:

1) Digital Witness by St. Vincent

Besides St vincent's gorgeous storm-raided hair, the colour coordinated oompa-loompas marching around are what makes the video surprisingly captivating.

2) Time by Jungle

These old men sure know how to groove to the beat, they also happen to be the best duo dancers around.

3) Brain by BANKS

BANKS' contemporary dance moves amidst the kaleidoscope imagery makes for a poignant video.

We hope you enjoy these alluringly strange videos as much as we did. Who knows, maybe Laneway 2015 will be as weird and wonderful as these videos are!

Written by Nabilah and Nathania

*Update (Jan 5, 2015): Unfortunately, Lykke Li is unable to perform at the upcoming Laneway Festival due to health reasons. However a new addition, Jon Hopkins, English producer and musician, has hopped on to join us at Laneway.

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