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ICYMI: Madonna, Twitter10k, student discounts, and more

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So, what's buzzing on the Internet this week?

Because we love being on the top of things, we rounded up the most interesting stories that happened this week.

Are you ready?

1. Madonna is coming. Confirm plus chop.

Madonna, Singapore, ICON

Madonna will be performing in Singapore for the very first time! The queen of pop will be bringing her Rebel Heart Tour here for a one-night-only concert, which has been rated R18 for "sexual references".

Her local fans are elated with the news of confirmation, as there were rumours circulated online about it being cancelled.

Demand for the tickets must be high, but be warned: they do not come cheap. The prices start from $108 and VIP passes cost $1,288, the most expensive concert tickets in Singapore to date.

Get more details here.

2. Twitter essays may be coming your way soon

When Twitter announced that it might be introducing 10,000 character tweets on Tuesday, and netizens do not seem too happy about it.

They have taken to the hashtag #Twitter10k to air their views, and many of them disapproved of the new feature. The netizens also argued that #Twitter10k allows for spam and long essays, and are requesting for new features instead.

Many are calling for Twitter to introduce an edit tweet function – which would definitely be useful. Aren't we all familiar with the many times you find a typo AFTER posting a tweet?

Twitter, 10000 characters, unhappy netizens

Hopefully these suggestions will be taken into consideration, as they would certainly help in improving user experience.

But one thing's for sure: with 10,000 characters, arguments will no longer a problem. #onetweetisallittakes

Read more about Twitter's new proposal here.

3. Questions you should never ask about makeup

Nowadays, the importance of being au naturel is overly emphasised – girls get praised for looking attractive barefaced and even more so for "looking the same" with or without makeup.

Is there really a need to compare between those who wear makeup and those who do not?

We tell you the five questions you should never ask anyone who has their eyeliner on fleek because chances are, they have heard of it before.

So, embrace the power of makeup and revel in how different we look with and without it.

look different with make up, on fleek, money well spent

Get the full list of questions here.

4. How to fully maximise the power of your student ID 

students, save money, sale, discount, cheap, good deals

As students, we always want good deals, and this article tells you where to get them! We are given many privileges as students; therefore we should fully make use of the benefits bestowed on the student ID.

From shopping, games, movies, and food, we have it all listed. Did you know that you can get movie tickets for $6.50 and an escape room experience for just $12?

Learn about the great deals you can get by showing your ID here.

Did we miss anything interesting this week? Tell us in the comments below!