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Five tips to maximise your Korean BBQ experience

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A few things you need to know, so that you can enjoy your Korean BBQ to the fullest!

Eating Korean BBQ may seem very easy. But to get the most bang for your buck, it's good to prep yourself with a game plan.

We put five tips to the test at Korean BBQ restaurant, I'm KIM Junior, located at *SCAPE, to find out if they really work.

Here's how you can get the best out of your Korean BBQ experience.

1. Bring wet tissues and hand gloves

When it comes to eating at a BBQ buffet, expect to get your hands dirty.

Don't forget to bring a box of plastic hand gloves and several packets of wet tissues, so that you will not dirty your hands while you're handling raw and cooked food.

Keep it clean, people.

These household items will come in very handy, especially when you're switching between eating a wrap (the juice from the meat or kimchi will drip down your hands!) or grilling meat.

2. Skip the carbs and go straight for the meat

The number one rule when it comes to eating at buffets? Always go for the priciest and most-value-for-money items.

Don't waste your calories on carbs like fried rice or rice cakes, and aim for the buffet spread of marinated meats instead!

After all, Korean BBQ is all about grilling meat.

If you need to cleanse your palate, go for the banchan (side dishes in Korean) like kimchi, onions, garlic, radish and more.

A Korean BBQ experience is not complete without banchan.

Pro tip: Fry some rice on the grill pan with the leftover juices
from the grilled meat if you still feel hungry.

3. Cook thoroughly and wisely

Before you start eating, make sure that your food is thoroughly cooked. If you see red or transparent parts on your grilled meat, throw them back onto the grill!

Also, avoid placing raw meats near the cooked ones on the BBQ grill to avoid cross contamination.

You wouldn't want to be suffering from food poisoning the next day, right?

Always separate the cooked and raw items on the grill.

4. Enjoy Korean BBQ like a Korean

Take a leaf out of the Koreans' books by wrapping your grilled meats in a lettuce wrap, together with side dishes like kimchi, green chilli pepper, or pickled radish.

Another pro tip from us: Make it small enough, so that you can eat it in one shot.

5. Freshen up before you go!

Spray some air freshener or odour eliminators on yourself to get rid of the BBQ smell. I'm KIM Junior provides Febreze at the cashier, so spritz away after you pay for your meal. Do others a favour by smelling fresh and clean on your way home.

This way, you won't smell like a walking BBQ!

We hope these tips will help you enjoy your next Korean BBQ experience! 

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