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Sliding into DMs 101

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Make friends in the Instagram era, in a non-creepy way.

Everyone has heard of or experienced Instagram's Direct Message (DM) horror stories. 

Making friends and connecting with people on Instagram should not be such a daunting and socially creepy affair. 

So we pooled together arguably extensive resources to come up with these guidelines to help you slide into DMs smoothly.

1. Interaction is key, but don't overkill

Take it slow, especially if the person you are trying to know is a stranger. Start by expressing your interest in their Instagram profile through less intrusive ways. 

Follow, like and comment. 

Interact and make your presence known.

Doing these will lessen the "complete stranger" vibe over time. So when you finally hit "send", it is more likely that your DM request will be accepted.

A word of caution though – do not like every photo, especially if they are from two years ago. 

People want to know that you notice them but not that you are stalking them. Stalking gives people the creeps.

Sliding into DMs 101: Non-creepy and socially acceptable moves.

2. Take the first step, send the message

All the planning, imagining and "Typing…" means you are halfway there. But it is not enough. 

You need to tap that "Send" button.

Having confidence is good, but please don't be douchey.

Take heed though – it does not matter who you are trying to befriend, kicking off conversations with explicit sexual content or intent will get you nowhere.

Start with something appropriate and interesting. 

This is virtually your first impression moment, make sure it works out for you.

Showcase your wit and you are almost guaranteed to get a response. Even if you get a "???", at least you have a shot at continuing the conversation. Which is way better than being "Seen"-ed.

If you do get ghosted though, spamming the conversation with consecutive messages WILL NOT get you a reply.  According to everyone, the chances of you getting ignored is 99.99999 per cent. 

Give them time to reply. Blowing up anyone's DM has never worked, and will never work.

Spams are annoying, period. 

3. Go from online to offline

Time to go into *gasp* the real world.

If the both of you are vibing well after a couple of DMs, you may consider taking the friendship offline. 

Never push your binary friendship into a state of high pressure though, because it is indescribably fragile. If they're feeling it, they will let you know. And you will have a meet up lined up.

Instagram posts and messages are merely curated virtual content put up by users. If you want a real-life friendship, bring it to real life.

If you do go out, keep an open mind to making friends and adjust your expectations accordingly.

There you have it – our high potential tips to help you slide into DMs without being criminally creepy. 

Good luck sliding your way into friendships of shared interests and great conversations!