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Why we millennials would be terrible parents


If we can't adult, then we surely cannot parent.

Playing with babies can be all rainbows and unicorns, but handling and raising kids is definitely not child's play. 

Here are four reasons why we would be terrible at parenting.

1. Cooking isn't our forte

We aren't anywhere near being domestic gods. And when our idea of a meal is instant noodles or calling for delivery…we'll probably end up starving our kids. 

It's likely we will be introducing our kids to unhealthy food at a young an age. #oops

Or maybe we can enlist the help college student hacks in the cooking department. Reheating pizza on an iron? Sounds pretty good to me.

2. Laziness is in our DNA

Ever spent an entire day on the sofa or the bed just browsing the Internet instead of being a functional human being? Me too, fellow couch potatoes!

Imagine having to clean up after your child, when the mess in your room looks like a small hurricane just hit.

 If we're a mess ourselves, we aren't ready for a mini-mess!

3. We have no patience

If you have gotten irritated at your parents when teaching them about the latest technology or social media platform, you will understand this. Repetitive questions from your kids are going to wear your patience thin, and keeping up with their boundless energy is sure to sap your strength.

And if your kid is a screamer, that constant high-pitched wail is definitely going to drive you mad!

4. Setting examples for them is going to be tough

Children are like sponges – they absorb everything they see and hear. They learn from example, and this means no bad habits. 

No swearing, no being rude, no jaywalking, no cutting queues, no crazy nights out…dayum. Life's gonna take a whole new route we might not be willing to follow through.

And definitely no energy drinks to keep us going on a late night.

At this rate, we might never be ready for parenthood, but hey, who knows? We might magically transform our way of thinking when we have kids and then become more responsible…or not. *shrugs*

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