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Alternatives for gym equipment you can find at home


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Not having the right equipment should not be an excuse for not exercising.

Find yourself putting on a little extra weight during the circuit breaker because of the constant snacking and lack of activity? 

It's understandable. Losing access to gyms and fitness studios may kill your motivation to exercise, especially when you have a specific gym equipment to incorporate into your routines. 

But if you aren't that keen on purchasing the equipment online - whether it's because of the high cost or lack of storage space at home - there are plenty of alternative items you can use for your workouts at home

Water bottles and milk containers 


One piece of equipment most miss from gyms is the dumbbell. It is the most common gym equipment and there's plenty of workouts you can do with it. 

Dumbbells are quite easy to make at home using any bottles or milk containers. For beginners, you can start out small with a 500ml filled bottle in each hand to train your biceps. 

Otherwise, go big with plastic milk containers that can hold up to two litres each. For a better grip, choose bottles that are designed with a handle. It will be a lot easier for you to hold them even when you sweat. 



Everyone would definitely have chairs at home and they are quite versatile in what they can be used for. One exercise to try is the triceps dip. 

Start by placing the chair with its back against the wall and sit on the edge. Grab the edge with your hands, shoulder-width apart, and ensure your knuckles are facing forward. Slowly slide off the seat with only your arms bracing you up. Afterwards, bend at the elbows until they are about 90 degrees and push yourself back up to the original position. 

Repeat this until you can dip no more. 

Additionally, smaller chairs like the step-stool are great for step-ups that target the legs and glutes. 

If you are using the chair for a workout, avoid using an office chair that comes with wheels (for obvious reasons). Also, make sure you back it up against the wall to prevent it from sliding. 



Just like the chair, the wall can be used in a diverse range of exercises. You can use it for wall planks, holding squats, or even perform the wall bridge exercise to tighten the core and glutes. 

Better yet, impress your friends the next time you meet by practicing a wall handstand during this period. 

However, make sure you lay something soft in front of you to break your fall when you are just starting out. 



Gliding discs are commonly used in various workouts to ramp up intensity and it works your core and glutes, which helps to train your agility. 

A good substitute for gliding discs are towels you no longer use. Place old towels under your feet and choose an area in your house with smooth flooring to begin your workout. Perform a few reps of mountain climbers or plank jacks with the towels and you will feel the burn after a while. 



Yoga straps are often used in yoga or workouts for stretching and maintaining certain positions. This can be swapped out with an old necktie you no longer need. 

You can also use it when you are doing the Natarajasana pose (commonly known as Dancer's Pose), which tones up the muscles in your lower back, hips, hamstrings and quadriceps. It is also a very insta-worthy pose, which means time for photos! 

However, be extra careful when executing challenging or strenuous yoga poses, especially when you have never done them before. Use a wall to brace yourself or perform the pose next to a soft surface that can break your fall. 



Be it a staircase in your house or at the common corridor outside your HDB flat, you can use it to work on your lower body or maybe do some cardio work. They are awesome for a variety of routines including step-ups, lunges and decline push-ups. 

However, try not to do them at night. You don't want to be mistaken for Kayako from The Grudge crawling down the staircase and causing a ruckus for your family member or anyone else who passes by the stairs! 

Your sibling 


Working out with your siblings not only gives you a workout buddy, it can also be a great opportunity to bond with them! 

One routine you can try is the triceps dip on a chair with your legs stretched out, held up by your sibling. Your sibling should be holding your legs up while being in a squat position the entire time you are working out. Once you are done, switch places with them. 

If both of you have a competitive streak, try doing leg wrestling matches. You may have seen this in Korean variety shows where two people sit face-to-face on a chair. Your sibling uses their thighs to prevent yours from spreading as both of you work hard to resist each other's strength. 

Besides training your inner thigh muscles, it is also a fun method to decide who will be doing the chores for the day! 

With a few weeks left to the circuit breaker, you better start working out soon! Otherwise, you may find yourself in need of new clothes - and we don't want to spend money unnecessarily, right?

For more exciting things to do and resources to keep you learning from home, go to MehGoWhere.SG!


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