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Dear Covid-19: All my plans after graduation were wrecked


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In his 'Dear Covid-19' letter, LASALLE film student GurJeevaan Singh Balrose expresses his disappointment at ruined career plans but holds hope for the future.

Dear Covid-19 is a memory project by the National Youth Council (NYC) in partnership with DSTNCT, to shed light on everyday life when Singapore came to a standstill as everyone stayed home. 

This is a collection of letters to COVID-19 from young Singaporeans from all walks of life, each going through their own struggles and/or victories. The following story was submitted by 30-year-old GurJeevaan Singh Balrose, a LASALLE film student, on May 19, 2020: 

"Dear COVID-19, 

My life has been hit hard by you. 

Never have I thought that the entire world would come to a complete stop. Everyone is staying away. I can't share the lift with anyone. Once, I had a fall while running but no one could help me up. No physical contact is allowed. 

I am supposed to graduate in August, but that's not happening. With the economy so badly hit, I don't know how or when I can start working. All my plans for the future have gone out the window. I've worked very hard to attain my degree in film. All the hard work and prep to build relationships with companies has all gone. 


Nobody wants to hire anyone in this time of crisis. I can't pay my student loans and phone bill. It's very difficult to move forward. All I can do is hope for the best and take small steps. 

Since you arrived, I am most worried about my family's well-being. My grandmother is getting depressed not being able to go out, while my mum has to leave the house for dialysis every other day. It scares me as I do not know who she might meet on the trains or buses. 

My time at home has taught me patience and my perspective of life has changed a little. I want to be a better version of myself. You have given me more time to reflect and map out my next move. 


I'm spending more time with family and friends – sometimes over Zoom. It's helped me connect better with them. Sadly, a relative passed away recently and we could only watch the funeral on live stream. 

It's all down to how we move on after the lockdown. 

The new normal – will more people choose to work from home? People may not want to share public lifts. Hanging out will be different. Working will be different. Meeting new people will be different. I can only hope for the best." 

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