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Parliament dissolved, General Election to happen in Singapore with Polling Day on Jul 10



Nomination Day is on Jun 30 while Polling Day is on Jul 10.

The election season is upon us. 

On Tuesday (Jun 23), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in a nationwide address that he met with the President to advise her to dissolve the Parliament and issue a writ of election. 

Shortly after his speech, President Halimah Yacob dissolved Parliament and issued the Writ of Election.  

Nomination Day will be on Jun 30. There will be at least nine days of campaigning, before Cooling-off Day. 

Polling Day, which will be a public holiday, will be on Jul 10, a Friday. 

PM Lee said that he decided to call for an election as the government is approaching the end of the five-year term and under constitution, elections must be held latest by April 2021. 

But he said "COVID-19 will be with us at least a year or longer" and "we should be under no illusions that we have defeated COVID-19". He also warned of a long struggle ahead for the country. 

PM Lee added that a new government will have a fresh five-year mandate to focus on challenges ahead. 

"An election now – when things are relatively stable – will clear the decks, and give the new Government a fresh five-year mandate. It can then focus on this national agenda and the difficult decisions it will have to make and to carry," said PM Lee. 

The Prime Minister also said that Singapore faces uncertainties externally, like US-China tensions, US presidential elections and political developments in Southeast Asia. 

"We do not know what surprises may be in store for us within the next year. But as dangers materialise, we must navigate safely through them and protect Singapore’s security and national interests.

"The Government must be able to respond promptly and decisively to the COVID-19 outbreak and the economic situation, and to external developments. We need a capable Government, with the strong backing of the people, to do all that needs to be done on your behalf, and see us through the tumultuous times," he said.

The election was last held in 2015. The People's Action Party won 83 seats, while the remaining 6 seats were won by the Worker's Party. 

This year's elections will have 14 Single Member Constituency and 17 Group Representation Constituencies. 

Rallies will be broadcasted on TV, in light of COVID-19. 


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