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Share your thoughts with Campus PSY and mental health professionals over Zoom


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The new 'Conversation Buddy PSY' series hopes to support young Singaporeans as they prepare for life after COVID-19.

When was the last time you spoke with a friend about your feelings as you navigated life in the new normal? Soon, you will be able to have a heart-to-heart chat with other young people while improving your knowledge of mental health.

Mental health non-profit organisation Campus PSY has collaborated with the National Youth Council to encourage young Singaporeans to share their thoughts with their peers and mental health professionals.

Titled 'Conversation Buddy PSY - Peer Support for Youths post Covid-19 into the New Normal', the new five-part series hopes to provide a safe space for young Singaporeans to draw socio-emotional support from their peers and mental health professionals via weekly Zoom sessions.

From Jun 26 to Jul 21, each Zoom session is expected to have 50 to 80 participants. 


33-year-old Cho Ming Xiu, the founder and executive of Campus PSY, told Youth.SG: "I think it's very important for young Singaporeans to be socio-emotionally prepared for the new normal and future crisis.

"I hope that Conversation Buddy PSY will be able to equip them with the right skill sets, so that they will be able to create a safe space online to support their peers while drawing wisdom from mental health professionals to tide through these challenging times."

The Zoom sessions will run every Friday evening from Jun 26 to Jul 21.

Hosted by Campus PSY facilitators and selected mental health partners, such as Silver Ribbon Singapore and Singapore Association for Mental Health, participants will be able to access useful mental health resources during the two-hour sessions.

Participants will also get equipped with basic mental health literacy and peer helping skills, like how to identify signs and symptoms of mental health distress and how to take care of themselves emotionally while caring for others.

"As youths, we hope to step up and support one another during these trying times.

"By doing so, we will definitely be able to emerge emotionally stronger through COVID-19 and into the new normal," added Ming Xiu.

Head here for more information about Campus PSY's upcoming Zoom sessions.


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