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DXM hopes to represent Singapore's K-pop dance cover scene one day


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The all-male dance crew covers popular choreographies from K-pop boy groups like BTS, EXO and NCT.

At a glance, they look like your typical South Korean boy band.

They have seven members and train for long hours. They share the same passion for dance and coordinate their outfits and makeup for their performances. 

They also have their own fan club who turns up regularly for their performances.

Meet DXM, a local K-pop dance cover group well-known for their synchronised performances and onstage charisma. 

Since they started in 2015, DXM has built quite a name to themselves in the local K-pop dance cover community, estimated to be in the hundreds. 

"Driven by passion to dance and to live, we believe that dance is what keeps us moving as a group, thus the name 'Dance x Motion'", explained DXM leader Joseph Kim, who is Korean.

Their dance cover videos have garnered over 62,000 views on YouTube.

Youth.SG observed DXM at one of their performances o‚Äčn Jun 2 – where the boys wowed the audience with their professionalism and huge stage presence – and interviewed the team backstage.

Laughter often filled the dressing room as they bantered with each other. But the members were quick to admit that they are not as cool and charismatic offstage. 

DXM member Muhammad Noor Irfan said: "I'm a very shy person, and I'll only open up to people and be crazy when we're close." 

Here are the seven members from DXM (left to right): Muhammad Yusri (22), Leonard Lee (22), Muhammad Noor Irfan (24), Lee Yan Qing (23), Dickson Koh (24), Joseph Kim (25) and Calister Tan (19).

Aside from performances, DXM also takes part in K-pop dance competitions regularly.

They collaborated with two other K-pop dance cover groups, BOYZBE and Fullout Squad, and emerged as the 1st runner up in the 2018 Changwon K-Pop World Festival competition in June.

The three-year-old dance crew has its own fan club too.

"We noticed some familiar faces at different events and they always cheered for us," said Joseph, who is currently working as a multimedia programmer. 

"We got followers on Instagram and received letters and gifts. We appreciate it but we're also apologetic as we don't think we deserve it. It makes us want to work harder."

After their performance at Hwa Chong Institution, a handful of fans waited for them to give gifts, take photos, and talk to the members.

DXM started when four of the members, Joseph, Irfan, Yan Qing, Leonard and Zi Feng (who has since left the group), met at a dance studio crew audition seven years ago.

In 2015, they formed their own crew, recruiting more members as they went along. The group might have come from different dance backgrounds, but they exude perfect chemistry in their performances. 

Irfan said: "Most of us have been dancing together for seven years, so our bond is strong and we understand each other. 

"That's one of the reasons why our dance is more synchronised."

The seven-member group are also avid K-pop fans, covering a variety of songs and dance choreographies of popular South Korean boy groups such as BTS, EXO and NCT. 

With so many members in the team, the group admitted that choosing a song for their dance covers can be difficult at times. 

"After we agree on the song, the member who likes the song the most will learn the choreography before teaching the other the members," shared Joseph. 

"It takes one or two practices to finish learning [the choreography], but more time is spent on cleaning the dance moves."

DXM usually meet up at *SCAPE for their dance practices. They take two to three months to prepare for each performance.

Although all seven members are currently studying, working or serving the nation, they try to take on as many performances as they can, forming a smaller group to represent DXM each time.

They also look forward to getting more opportunities to perform and winning competitions as a complete group.

Besides performing at K-pop dance events, DXM also contribute their time for charity concerts.

Joseph said: "Our biggest goal is to spread the K-pop fever throughout Singapore, and maybe even overseas.

"We would like to be the best and strongest K-pop cover dance team that can represent Singapore's K-pop dance cover scene."

Catch up with DXM on FacebookInstagram and YouTube.