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Singapore's very own female stuntwoman

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She sets herself on fire and dangles from a wire for a living.

The first time we met freelance stuntwoman Robyn Kyra P, she was swinging back and forth, shrieking and screaming.

Strapped to a stunt rig, we watched the 29-year-old practise her scare routines for Halloween Horror Nights 7 at the backstage of the Resorts World Theatre.

For this year's Halloween Horror Nights (HHN), Robyn is one of the crows bobbing around the Hex house (Manipulation).

For her role, Robyn has to be scary while strapped to a harness in mid-air, allowing her to swing towards visitors walking through the haunted house.

Remaining in character while executing her stunts mid-air seems like an easy feat for the stuntwoman. Robyn has been performing stunts for the past four years, working with horses and even going underwater as a stunt double "corpse" for a movie.

Robyn also specialises in a Full Body Fire Burn Stunt (pictured).

Being a scare-actor for the annual Halloween event is something she is inherently good at.

Robyn, who was a Puppet Ballerina Bungee at last year's HHN, beat 406 other scare-actors to win the Best Boo Scare-Actor award last year at RWS' The Oscares Night, a wrap-up party to thank performers for their contributions.

"This award shows that I have gained the trust from the directors, [and that] my skills are there. This award really means a lot to me," said Robyn.

But working as a stuntwoman is not always easy.

"I will feel a little tired, because being on the harness requires me to have a lot of body control. But as the days go by, I become part of the harness and I become so used to it I don't even notice it's there," said Robyn, who is strapped to the harness for a maximum of 45 minutes each time.

Robyn (in harness) practising her acting with her trainer, Gemma Simcock (left).

Training for the yearly Halloween event is a long and tiring process. Preparations began in April and her aerial works and acrobatics training started in July.

She added: "On weekends, we normally overrun the given [closing] time for the house. But this really makes me feel very happy, because I know we are doing a good job and people want to continue seeing us."

The highlight of Robyn's job? Being able to scream out her frustrations while scaring her audience.

Robyn's interest in stunts began at a young age.

"Since I was young, I've always idolised Jet Li and I used to watch all his movies. I was inspired by his work ethic and stunts in his movies, and I always wanted to be like him when I grew up," said Robyn, who earned her black belt in taekwondo five years ago.

A health science graduate, Robyn also keeps herself busy with a variety of extreme sports, such as muay thai, stunt driving and even weapon tactical training. 

Robyn's journey in stunts began in 2013, when she stumbled upon the opportunity to travel to New Zealand to train to become a stuntwoman.

"I chanced upon New Zealand Stunt School owned by renowned Hollywood stunt actress Dayna Grant and her husband Dane Grant [both starred in action flick Mad Max: Fury Road], and their good friend, Tori Marsh, who also coached me in fight choreography and stunt specialties.

"I saw it as an opportunity [to chase my dream] and I jumped at it," said Robyn, who trained for two years in New Zealand.

Robyn (seated, third from right) and her classmates in New Zealand.

Was it easy for Robyn to make the jump?

"I did not expect to make such a big career change, but I really wanted to go after my passion. It was not hard to get acceptance from others to change my career path as I just wanted to chase my passion," said Robyn, who previously worked as a personal trainer.

The freelance stuntwoman saw an audition call for HHN scare-actors shortly after returning to Singapore.

She decided to give it a shot.

Robyn said: "I believe that all actors need to get different [types of] experiences, and I saw this as an opportunity to gain some live acting skills."

Robyn in action at the Hex house (Manipulation) in HHN this year.

"To be a good stunt actress, or actress in general, you need to have a variety of life experiences. Being a scare actor is just one of the many experiences that helps me build my portfolio.

"Although I am working as a scare actor now, I still get to do stunt work (thanks to my producer and mentor, Gemma Simcock). This experience has taught me a lot about impromptu performances, which helps to shape me as an actress," said Robyn, who returns to New Zealand annually for her training.

Being a stuntwoman might be far from a 'safe' job, but Robyn's friends and family have been supportive of her dream. They also believe that she is able to take care of herself.

"It's true that the job is unconventional, and with it comes both physical and mental risks. A slight bonus is that they now know someone with a cool, unconventional job," said Robyn.

With so many impressive skills beneath her black belt, where is Robyn headed next?

"I'm actually not too picky about my line of work. I believe that you may not always find the best job, but I believe in giving my best in what I do," answered Robyn.