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Krysta Joy takes her first steps into the local music scene



21-year-old Krysta Joy tells us about her joys and challenges as a newly-debuted singer.

When 21-year-old Krysta has trouble expressing herself with words, she turns to music. 

Youth.SG sat down with 2017's Noise Singapore Award winner, Krysta Joy, as she shares her eye-opening journey as a fresh face in Singapore's local music scene.  

Pursuing a degree in music and majoring in vocals, Krysta finds purpose in singing and songwriting. 

"Music has always been a big part of my life, and it's the way I want to be heard," the cheery LASALLE student said. 

Entering Noise Singapore's music mentorship programme in 2017 was her first step into the local music scene - and what kick-started her music career. 

"Participating in the competition was where I had to navigate and figure out what exactly I was going for and what I wanted to do with my music," she recounted.

Krysta (third from left) won the Noise Singapore Award in 2017.

The R&B and folk singer hopes to inspire and encourage others through her music. Penning her thoughts in a journal, the passionate songwriter transforms her own stories into song lyrics. 

"I think about the message I want to tell people. My inspiration for songs comes from the hard times I went through," Krysta said.  

Even at eight-years-old, Krysta wrote a Mother's Day card which she then spontaneously transformed into a heartwarming song. While her mother was touched, Krysta's parents were hesitant about her venturing into the unconventional – and some might say unstable - music industry.  

Krysta and her parents at her EP's launch show.

"Over time, they've come to accept it and they're very supportive now," Krysta proudly shared. "You'll find them at almost all my gigs. They also like to post unglamorous photos of me performing on their Facebook pages." 

Krysta released her first EP 'Enjoy the Process' on 16 August 2019, which she described as both an enriching and arduous process.  

"They always say that the first album you put out will be the one you make the most mistakes with," Krysta revealed. It proved to be true, as she was met with many challenges. 

Figuring out what makes her different from other singers was one of Krysta’s biggest challenges as a budding singer.

Though the process of producing music seems uniform, Krysta recalled the many unforeseen circumstances that occurred. 

"I knew all the stages involved, but the details were very different from what I expected," she admitted. 

Being new to the scene, the singer felt inadequate and struggled to make her own decisions. As a result, Krysta relied heavily on the opinions of others. However, despite the difficulties she faced, she was thankful that her friends and family were supportive, sticking by her throughout her entire journey. 

Krysta performing with her band, whom she met from her diploma course.

While creating an album from scratch was exciting, to have her music permanently out there for people to listen to was daunting for the 21-year-old. 

"I feared that the end product would not be my best and that I would regret it for life," she shared. Knowing that no alteration can be made once her music is out, Krysta was overwhelmed with fear and felt immense pressure to get everything right. 

"It's a privilege to be young," Krysta said. "I know that it's okay to make mistakes now and I have a long way to go, learning from others along the way." 

Debuting in the local music scene was a period of trial and error for the singer-songwriter, but it helped her learn more about herself, people and music. 

Krysta performing at Artbox Singapore 2019.

Krysta's advice to aspiring musicians is to keep trying and to not be afraid to fail. Through her music, she hopes to inspire people to be honest with their own messages and feelings. 

This empathetic singer wants to reassure people that things will get better, and to 'enjoy the process' – as her album name suggests – no matter what they might be going through. 


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