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Top five YouTubers for everyday entertainment

Five YouTubers you should watch (if you haven't already) to cure your overwhelming boredom.

Since I am constantly hopping between various YouTube channels to cure my boredom, I finally settled with these few subscribers.

I hope that you will enjoy them as much as I do!


#1: Andrea's Choice

For great DIY fashion, hair and makeup tips, everyone should visit AndreasChoice. She never fails to bring in new content to her videos with a huge range for everyone to enjoy. Her latest video on ways to "upcycle" is great for anyone who has tons of old T-shirts in their wardrobe dying for a new lease on life.

#2: The Fashion Citizen

I love watching TheFashionCitizen. Melissa and Stephanie shows you how to find great bargains for fashionable items. Not only do they show you their finds after every thrift shopping experience, they share styling tips too. It is a great guide for anyone who needs some style advice pronto. They may be twins but they definitely have different styles.

#3: Epic Meal Time


I mean, who can resist EpicMealTime? It is the craziest food channel ever. Expect videos filled with bacon, Big Macs and other weird combinations. You can try to attempt their concoctions at home, but I really do not recommend it.

#4: Simon's Cat

If you really, REALLY love cats, this is something you probably would not get sick of watching. SimonsCat features a cat that will do whatever it takes to grab the attention of its owner for food. It all started when the creator, Simon, decided to doodle drawings of his cat. He then decided to use his cat's behaviour as an inspiration to make little short stories through video.

#5: Prank vs Prank

Finally, we cannot forget one of the craziest couples on Youtube, PrankvsPrank. This couple takes turns to disturb each other with horrible pranks. Surprisingly, they are still together.

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