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Playlist for solitary nights

We give you the ultimate playlist for nights spent alone!

You know those nights—nights when you are left alone (be it on purpose, or unintentionally)— and there is a silence that comes just after 2am that engulfs you, accompanied by a major existential crisis. Here are eight songs that will hopefully induce well-needed slumber. 

1. Rocky Votolato — White Daisy Passing

I'm going down to sleep on the bottom of the ocean / because I couldn't let go when the water hit the setting sun 

Nothing works quite as well as an acoustic song about being nostalgic for a past relationship to start off a quiet night. There is a certain calm mellowness to Rocky's voice that not many can achieve.

2. Miles Davis — Blue in Green

Really good jazz works very, very well with questions of existentialism. We promise.

3. The Real Tuesday Weld — Last Words

so we sat by the launderette / with magazines and cigarettes / and talked about a million other things

This is the song that the soundtrack for Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist revolves around, and justly so. You can easily close your eyes and imagine driving alone down cities that never sleep in the darkest of the night, and somehow, for three minutes and 48 seconds, life seems complete. 

4. The Kinks — Waterloo Sunset

and they don't / need no friends / as long as they gaze on Waterloo Sunset / they are in paradise

You do not need a view of Waterloo Sunset when you have got The Kinks singing idyllically about it to you.

5. Fergie — Big Girls Don't Cry
we'll be playmates and lovers / and share our secret worlds / but it's time for me to go home 
Girls, please, cry to our favourite break-up / coming-of-age song if you need to. 

6. The Submarines — Boys Don't Cry

I would do most anything / to get you back by my side / but I just keep on laughing / hiding the tears in my eyes / 'cause / boys don't cry

No, boys, cry if you must. Nobody will judge your manliness based on the tears shed for this amazing cover of one of The Cure's most successful singles.

7. Lifehouse — You and Me

and it's you and me / and all of the people and / I don't know why / I can't keep my eyes off of you

Ironically enough, one of my favourite go-to songs when alone is about being in love, but I do not think I would ever need a man when Lifehouse's music in my playlist.

8. Gregory Alan Isakov — That Moon Song

that full bellied moon / she's a-shining on me / yeah she pulls on this heart / like she pulls on the sea

Isakov loves doing full musical immersion—if I could describe his songs in one word, it would be "rich", and "That Moon Song" is one magical, overwhelming journey like no other.