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Seven Instagram accounts to follow

We pick our favourite seven Instagram accounts to follow for jazzing up our feeds!

We are excited for the upcoming sunglasses that will make us see the world through rose-tinted lenses—literally. But while we wait for filter-like vision, here are some Instagram accounts to follow, when you need an occasional burst of fascination upon your feed.


Dirk Bakker frequently takes his bike out to cycle in the heart of the town in which he resides, Holland. This brings forth a whole plethora of photos with amazing framing, gorgeous lines and occasional symmetrical shots reminiscent of Wes Anderson films, sans the pastel colour palette. 


From bright blue photographs of the sea, to the streets of Morocco, to mundane everyday things like people lounging in well-worn couches, Bex delivers a certain type of signature comfort in every one. Trust a photographer to do Instagram right. 


Local filmmaker Royston Tan always has had an affinity for all things nostalgic — he has two documentaries on historic places, and even a video to commemorate the renovating of Capitol Theatre. What he does on the silver screen is also reflected upon his Instagram, where one can find beautifully lit shots of vintage enamel plates, abandoned chairs, and old houses.


David Guttenfelder, a seven-time finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, works for Associated Press and has contributed for National Geographic. His photographs have opened many new worlds for his audience, from the genocide in Rwanda to the war in Iraq, and our favourite: artefacts from the hermit, heavily controlled North Korea.


John Navid, the drummer of Indonesian indie band White Shoes and the Couples Company, takes photographs as well as he makes music, which is to say, amazingly. With a colour palette as diverse as his range of photographs (watermelons, harbours, good-morning towels, woodworking tools, and occasional self-portraits of his retro bowl haircut), this is one account that will brighten your day.


Melly, who does handcrafted decor and sells it on etsy, takes photographs of scenes we are familiar of: cult cafés, cats at void decks, travel adventures, and aerial photos of comfort food. Her photos give us warm, fuzzy feelings reminiscent of home.


The best #foodporn we have seen are stored in Samantha Lee's Instagram. The mother of two creates fantastic food art with meals she has cooked for her children, takes photos and uploads them for approximately half a million people to drool over.