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Three ways social media can improve your life



Imagine using Instagram or Facebook to push up your grades.

My parents always complain about me using social media too much. But while some of us do spend a disproportionate amount of time on social media, I recently discovered a few ways to make good use of my time online.

Here are three creative uses of social media, beyond just stalking your ex-boyfriend. 

1. Meme your way to good grades 

If all our time spent on social media could be converted to studying time, we would probably all be scholars. But this begs the question…could we actually tap on social media to study better? 

If this is studying, I'm going to be "studying" very hard.

Lim Wei Yuan, CEO of Reactor, uses Snapchat, Instagram Stories and emoticons to help students study more effectively. 

"I leverage on what appeals to the youths, so that they will retain memory of whatever they learn. They love emojis, and remember pictures and memes the best. This makes memorising more fun, and less dreadful," said Wei Yuan, at the Youth Sector Community Lab organised by National Youth Council last week.

2. Do what you love, and make some money while at it 

Imagine striking yourself a business deal and making money out of your hobbies like cooking, painting, designing and photography. Sounds too good to be true? It's happened before! 

Social media provides the opportunity for people to express themselves as
freely as they wish, and for the rest of the world to enjoy their work. 

Clothing designer Nathanael Ng (Nat) found social media to be a key tool in promoting his fashion line that he started five years ago.

"Our official website and social media accounts helped us spread the designs, and land us collaborations with big brands such as Uniqlo, Topshop, GAP, etc, where our brand finally took off," said Nat, who founded Mash-Up with two friends he met while studying in LASALLE College of the Arts. 

3. Suffer in silence no more - reach out for help 

In a judgmental society, seeking help on sensitive matters such as depression, eating disorders, and relationship issues may seem less of a priority than maintaining a good image. 

While it takes a lot of courage for a suffering individual to open up to family or friends, platforms that guarantee complete anonymity such as give people another option to seek help. 

Getting help anonymously prevents suffering in silence.

Genevieve Lee, 19, shared how helped her resolve her insecurities. The Ngee Ann Polytechnic student said: "I suspected that my boyfriend was embarassed of me, and it was a very down period in my life. My best friend suggested that I asked for his relationship status anonymously on, and if he was embarassed he would declare himself as single online. 

"Not only did he declare that he was attached when answering the question, but he even tagged me on Instagram. I told him the truth eventually, and we're happy now. I guess you can say that helped our relationship."

While we cannot deny that social media does have its quirks, social media has evolved over the years. 

So listen up mum and dad, don't be too quick to stop me from spending time on Instagram or Whatsapp. For all you know…I may be in the middle of sealing a million dollar deal!