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Five things Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un should do while in Singapore



Trump and Kim's summit in Singapore for peace talks may help their hot and cold relationship.

On June 12, our little red dot will be visited by two of the most polarising figures in modern times, Donald J. Trump and Kim Jong-un. 

Though relations between the two are ever fluctuating, the president of the United States and the Supreme Leader of North Korea are planning to meet in Singapore to discuss peace and the denuclearisation of North Korea. It will mark the first time the current leaders of both nations will be meeting since the Korean War. 

While they talk serious business, we hope it won't just be tense, dry talks in drab conference rooms. We think their relationship might improve if they hang out together, so here are some things Trump and Kim can do if they take a day off in Singapore. 

1. Have a reunion over tang yuan

The glutinous rice balls not only symbolise reunion, but are also delicious.

Tang yuan is traditionally a dish served at Chinese family reunion meals, during Chinese New Year or Winter Solstice festivals. 

In a way, the US and North Korea are like estranged family members. Though American and North Korean relations were once cordial before the cold war started (nearly seven decades ago), the two now barely talk. And when they do, it's been full of vitriol. 

The two leaders are both known for their unorthodox ways of handling global diplomacy, making relations between the two nations jittery. 

With so much tension and baggage, we suggest a reunion snack over tang yuan.

2. Have a cool-off session at the Science Centre

The science centre is not only the home of learning, but also the home of Snow City.

After a day of heated discussions and even hotter weather, the leaders can cool off at the Singapore Science Centre. 

Besides learning about magnetic attraction between polar opposites or watching eggs hatch there, we think they might also learn a thing or two about rocket science…or climate change. 

Perhaps the scorching weather here may change his mind.

3. Get a haircut at a hipster barber in Tiong Bahru

No one can do without a good hairdo - not even world leaders.

The Donald and Kim Jong-un may not have much in common, but they do share an affinity for *ahem* unique haircuts; Trump rocks a combover that betrays him when the wind blows, while Kim has a drastic undercut.

These talks beckon change, and maybe they can bring home a physical representation of that change with new haircuts. 

4. Visit the Merlion at Sentosa

Two wholly different parts coming together to form one wondrous mash-up.

This location is more than just the beach and the sun (though I reckon Trump would love getting a nice real tan here). 

The giant Merlion on Sentosa is a perfect metaphor for the peace talks between the rival states. If you can put together the head of a lion and the body of a fish to form a jarring yet magnificent beast, then maybe it's possible for two very different nations to get along.

5. Try roti prata

Sometimes flip flopping can produce great results.

To cook roti prata, the cook flips the dough on the hot pan. Flip flop, flip flop. 

It has been a long political journey for the two nations, with many U-turns over the years before these two leaders have agreed to meet. Rather than gloss over their past differences and tense exchanges, we think it might be good for them to acknowledge their turbulent history and move on, over the perfect flip flop dish. 

Whether they heed the advice of a little known writer from Youth.SG or not, this meeting in Singapore is a monumental step towards world peace. If anything, at least it signals progress. 

For the betterment of humanity, let's hope the former real estate magnate and the ruler from the Kim dynasty manage to work something out.