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Eight essential travel items to bring on your next holiday

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With these essential items, you will be all set for your next holiday.

Travel provides a brief respite from our daily grind. After all, travelling allows you to enjoy a different culture, climate and environment, all at once.

Whether you are going to icy Siberia or roaming the African savannahs to see the animals up close, packing well is key! You wouldn't want to risk forgetting to bring an essential item along in a country which may not have the same product easily available for sale.

Here are eight essential travel items you should pack in your luggage for your next trip.

1. TSA-approved travel luggage

First and foremost, your travel luggage is the most important item on this list! How else are you going to pack your necessary clothing?

Remember, the key to packing light is to only bring what is needed and nothing more!

Get a luggage weigher to ensure you don't go over the limit, or a luggage belt to prevent your bulging luggage from popping open while in transit.

We doubt anyone enjoys paying for excess baggage charges.

2. Multi-plug travel adaptor

You will need your travel adaptor in order to charge your phone – your lifeline, right?

You need your iPhone in order to snap those snazzy pictures to flaunt to the entire world via Instagram Stories that you're in Machu Picchu right now, trekking and taking the unbeaten route.

Wall outlets differ across countries as well, so your best bet is a universal travel adaptor.

3. Money belt

Even though technically not considered by many to be essential items, these are in fact quite important. 

If you are planning to visit developing countries, the presence of motorcycle snatch thieves, who operate in organised crime syndicates, is something you should be aware of.

Using a money belt to keep your cash safely concealed.

Or cover your actual passport with a passport holder to disguise yourself and blend in with the locals.

4. Vacuum storage bags

If you're planning for a winter vacation, a proper down jacket is needed! As you would know, winter clothing items can be bulky and they take up precious luggage space.

Use vacuum storage bags to contain, shrink and seal your clothes to effectively reduce the size of the space required to store them in your luggage.

While you are at it, why not compartmentalise your luggage and keep things organised with a set of travel storage bags?

No more rummaging through your luggage and making a mess.

5. Portable charger

While on vacation, chances are, you will be spamming selfies, snapping "Insta-worthy" shots to show off on your Instagram feed, or simply staying connected to reassure your worried parents back home.

It's easy to see why your smartphone battery runs out so quickly!

Your portable charger will come in handy, especially when you can't find a wall outlet to plug your phone.

This gives you a legit reason to invest in a trusty portable charger,
like this Xiaomi Mi 10000mAh Gen 2 Powerbank, to juice up on-the-go.

6. Travel pillow

For the always-tired-hungry-and-old (inside), having a travel pillow and an eye mask in your handcarry baggage is indeed very useful.

In fact, travel pillows are a must-have on any flight because getting a stiff neck is no joke.

7. Compression socks

If you're travelling with an elderly, it's recommended that you bring along a pair of compression socks to prevent the onset of deep vein thrombosis and leg swelling.

'To travel is to live' they say, but certainly not at the expense of your health!

Definitely useful for long-haul flights and when you have limited mobility as it provides gentle pressure to the ankle, ensuring blood flow. 

8. Travel-friendly beauty products

Whether you are visiting remote places of attraction or modern tourist hotspots, bad weather and adverse conditions can take a toll on your skin.

Keep cool and protect that previous skin of yours with soothing gels, moisturisers and sun care products from our Korea marketplace.

You certainly wouldn't want to return from the holidays all sun-burnt and looking like a lobster!

For more travel tips and essentials, be sure to check out our Travel Essentials guide. Bon Voyage!

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