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10 back-to-school essentials to help you survive the new semester

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With these items, you can probably spend more time in school...studying.

Returning to school after a long break is never easy. 

But with these 10 essential back-to-school items, your days spent in afternoon lectures and mind-numbing project discussions might be less dreary.

Even if you're already several months into your semester (we hear you, poly students!), consider packing a few of these suggested items before you head to school.

1. Ballpoint pens for emergency note-taking

How are you prepared to tackle a new semester if you lack a proper pen? Get your supply of writing equipment ready, so that you can jot down your notes whenever and wherever. Or when your gadgets run out of juice. 

Deli pens are as good as Uniball pens in terms of writing quality,
and at a fraction of the cost.

Alternatively, get these multi-functional pens to lighten your load.

2. A handheld fan to beat the heat

Even if it affects your street cred, this portable handheld fan while keep you cool as you travel across campus, especially when you have those dreadful afternoon lectures.

You'll be thankful for this device when the temperature hits 36°C!

3. A pair of in-ear headphones for some peace and quiet

It can be quite noisy on campus with boisterous students all over clamouring for their classmates' attentions, speaking at loud volumes.

Avoid being distracted when you intend to do some revision of last week's lecture during your breaks by using noise-cancelling in-ear headphones.

The AKG by Harman headset could help you focus during your breaks.

4. A correction tape (because we all make mistakes)

Don't cross out those mistakes made during frantic note-taking in back-to-back lectures. Use a correction tape to make your notebook neat!

Mistakes are inevitable but correction tapes are indispensable.

5. A highlighter to keep things lit

Always have a highlighter on hand to mark important pointers in your lecture notes. Using colours to jot your notes also helps you to capture information faster when you do a subsequent revision.

This gel highlighter ensures that you won't smudge your notes!

6. A pencil case for your 57 pens and 11 highlighters

Choose a clear transparent or a translucent pencil case.

Not only does it look more like a mature option, but it will be a breeze for you to take it into examination halls. With a single glance, the invigilators can see the contents of your pencil case.

7. A water bottle to quench your thirst

You should already know by now that it's better to use a BPA-free plastic bottle to contain water.

So, get a bottle from a credible brand. It's going to be worth it because you'll be drinking from it frequently throughout the day in our sweltering climate.

Don't forget to keep yourself hydrated!

8. A sturdy backpack to pack all your belongings

If your current backpack is no longer in good working condition, consider getting a new one! After all, you will need a sturdy backpack to hold all your textbooks, notes, and more. 

Carrying a backpack is also healthier for your spine
as it evens out the weight load on your shoulders.

9. A laptop sleeve to protect your prized possessions

If you are someone who doesn't like to fix a cover to your laptop, make sure to use a laptop case to hold your laptop whenever you're bringing it to school.

This way, you can also place your laptop on top of the case to prevent scratches.

10. A watch to help you keep track of the time

If you don't have the habit of wearing a watch, this is a good time to start!

Your watch will be your handy companion, and you'll see that punctuality is within your reach, especially if you check the time periodically throughout the day.

Hopefully, you will never be late for classes.

BONUS ITEM: A fidget spinner!!

Well, even though not technically related to books and academia, the fidget spinner will be a conversation starter.

You can also use it to challenge your friends in duels to see who can come up with greater spins and turns.

We hope you'll have a good school semester ahead!


Thanks ezbuy for this article contribution!