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The story behind Phosphene

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All-youth team Praxis+ tells us how they created Phosphene, a tunnel of dazzling lights, for the Singapore Night Festival 2017.

Phosphene is our very first installation as a team, designed for this year's Singapore Night Festival.

It is a dark winding tunnel of dazzling lights that aims to bring wonder, joy, curiosity and surprise to visitors at every magical turn as they wander through the faceted and reflective interior.

Phosphene is the biological phenomenon of seeing speckles of light without light being physically present or entering your eye. We sometimes experience this when we close or rub our eyes.

A small magical moment which that transports you to another dimension.

There are magical moments at every turn of our daily lives that we can so easily miss unless we slow down, explore and appreciate the beauty of things around us. We would venture to bet that some people do not know that this phenomenon even exists, despite the number of times they have closed their eyes! 

The Praxis+ team comprises a mix of architects, engineers and computer scientists.
(Top row, left to right) So Jing Wen, Ng Jin Xi, Tan Pei Ru, Lee Xin Ting, Seah Wen Zhen
(Bottom row, left to right) Truman Ng, Jonathan Ng, Reuben Wang, Samuel Ho
Kwok Shun Git (not pictured)

Hello, we are Praxis+! We are in our third year at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD).

Our team formed late last year as part of the Open Call of the Singapore Night Festival. It was around April when we got our subsequent congratulatory email, and we were ecstatic and super excited.

We've been working super hard, going through numerous prototypes and tests to get the ideal visual and sensory experience we envisioned. We had to test different production methods, materials and to work out the electronics.

When June came around, we were hitting full production mode. Fast forward four months, our installation is almost ready for the Festival. 

The team celebrating after one of our first successful structure tests.

Time was probably the biggest challenge for us as most of us were on internships and had different schedules.

We found it useful to make lists of what work could be done with the amount of people available each day, as well as setting completion targets each day to make sure we were kept on track.

For most of us, this has been the biggest project we've undertaken so far.

We have experienced firsthand the importance and significance of planning, prototyping and the detailing that goes behind a project like this, all of which are important elements in our field of study.

Behind the scenes of our project.

We worked hard over the past few months to make this installation a success.

Seeing the final product and knowing that we've stuck through the ups and downs to see this through really gives us the confidence and motivation, both as a team and as individuals, to take on projects like this in the future.

It has been an exciting, enriching and amazing journey and we can't wait to share our work with everyone. Do drop by to take a look!

Catch Phosphene, located at the National Design Centre, from Aug 18 to 26, 2017.

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